Poland · 4 Days · 22 Moments · June 2018

Kraków - June 2018

17 June 2018

Time to go home! Managed to pick Lando up a new jumper from duty free.

16 June 2018

Accidentally ended up listening to a Dire Straits tribute night. Alan headed off to the pub near our apartment while I went back to rest and do some packing. I came back to the pub to make sure he didn’t forget his camera and found him having made friends with the locals and having a great time.
Last meal in Kraków. We got talking to the owner outside the day before and decided to go for dinner. Also with all the alcohol I needed carbs!
Beer and Long Island Iced Tea before dinner while Alan does some timelapsing. That cocktail packed a punch and I’m really glad I didn’t take the bartenders recommendation and go for the double.
Living statue. So funny watching it scare people as they walked past. I got a fist bump though for handing over some coins. Then it hit me in the butt with its staff. Fun times.
Afternoon Magical Mystery Mojito at Hard Rock Cafe. Alan had one on the first night and it was so good. So, rather than walking around in nearly 30 degree heat, we decided to go for a drink.
Hot chocolate and chocolate milkshake. Mmmmmm. The hot chocolate was pretty much pure chocolate with dried mint in it. Soooo good. Found the cafe on Trip Advisor before we left and stumbled across it while heading for the main square.
Schindler’s Factory Museum. I booked the tickets before we left. It was a cool thing to see but it wasn’t really what we were expecting at all. It was a bit overdone.
Ghetto Hero’s Square Memorial. Remembering the Polish Jews of the Ghetto during World War 2. It’s odd how empty the square is considering it’s right next to a tram station. It was something I had planned in to see and it was right next to where we had breakfast which was great.
Breakfast time again! The fanciest breakfast place we went to all trip. Eggs with stuff in them is completely the future!
Our first ever Über!

15 June 2018

To make up for the missed breakfast! Yes, I know, travelled somewhere new and cool yet ordering food from McDonalds. We were tired and hungry and the burger was good!
Wieliczka Salt Mines. Well worth seeing but definitely sore feet afterwards. Our tour guide really had this whole gallows humour thing down. Creepy yet funny with it. Did not enjoy the lift to the top at all! It was tiny. If I thought I could’ve climbed the 300-odd steps back up I would have!
Breakfast time! It would have been great if it had arrived in time for us to eat and actually edible. As it was we had like 5 minutes to inhale it and mine was burnt.

14 June 2018

One last beer before heading back to the apartment. Shocker was one beer and one gin cost nearly as much as our whole dinner.
Another great dinner. We sat at a long family style table and ended up chatting to a lady who was taking a year out and travelling. She was really nice and we really enjoyed discussing destinations with her.
We went to Auschwitz-Birkenau today. Can’t say it was something we enjoyed, a very sobering experience. It has a very sad feel to it, I don’t know if that’s just because I knew what happened there or if it’s lingering around the place. A lot of things really bring it home to you, the tiny baby clothes, the room with the hair. For me, the most confronting experience was walking into the gas chamber. It was so important to me to see this place.
Breakfast time at the Gossip Cafe! French toast with ham and cheese in the middle. Not sure where it’s been all my life but it’s the future! Also, Alan likes mushrooms with his breakfast.

13 June 2018

Drinks before turning in for the night. This bar is at the end of the street our apartment is on. It’s decked out like a ships galley and it’s really cool.
Hard Rock Cafe Kraków. Need I say more.
Saw the Main Market Square for the first time today. Absolutely stunning.
We checked into our apartment for the trip and Alan proceeded to flood the bathroom!