Netherlands, Thailand · 32 Days · 25 Moments · February 2017

Kotryna's and Gilbert adventure in Thailand

24 March 2017

With a bad stomach, sleeping in the airports we traveled back home, on March 20 we were in the Netherlands. First morning we ate Dutch fries and drank good coffee that we missed so much. But after two days I have already missed Thai banana pancakes and tried to make some myself...not that great as original...but I will try to get better at it today 😊

19 March 2017

The end of our trip was about relaxing. The northwest of Phuket, close to the airport, was a quiet place. Exactly as we wanted. Chilling on the beach and eating great food.
Our very last day in Thailand. We were so close but Gilbert still got sick. We had to check out from the room so we spent all day in the lobby of the hotel, nice cool temperature. And there were some cute kittens to look at. It's now 19:35 and Gilbert is feeling a bit better. In a few hours going to the airport and heading back.

17 March 2017

The day after arrival we took a tour around Ko Phi Phi with a small group in a longtail boat. We saw different beaches (including the famous beach from the movie 'the beach', the selfie one), all beautiful in their own way. There was a rock shaped like an elephant and went snorkeling. Even after seeing the sunset the guide took us in the dark to see plankton. If we moved in the water we could see it lighting up. Very special to see, like a moving galaxy. In the evening we saw a bit of the nightlife. Interesting to see how such a beautiful nature location got turned into a party place.

14 March 2017

We arrived at Koh Phi Phi but we were not very welcome. Not by people but by monkeys. We thought it was a good idea to go to 'monkey beach'. It was low tide so possible to get there by foot through the rocks (big disadvantage for us). Monkeys spotted Kotryna and went after her. She gave them bananas but as soon as she ran out they got aggressive and bit her (thank god a pinch and not through the skin). We moved back as fast as we could. Then little further we noticed more monkeys were cutting us off on our way back. On the rocks and even in the water. An Italian couple in a kayak helped us with our stuff so we got in the water further away from them. They also got attacked by the monkeys but we all got back safely. We got a drink together, making some new friends.
Last couple of days we spent our time relaxing and exploring few of the most beautiful beaches we've ever seen. Railay beach west (panorama) and down at the bottom there is Phranang cave.. with wooden penises inside. One of the cliffs (though many seem to) looks like a penis and some pray there for fertility. To get there we had to take a longtail boat from the beach at the end of our street.
Yesterday we were on a tour to Hong Island. It was amazing to see all the rock formations in the water and other tiny islands around it. And today we are moving on and taking a ferry to Ko Phi Phi, the island where the movie 'The Beach' was recorded and supposedly is the most beautiful beach of all.. We'll see, cause the beach of Hong Island is tough to beat.

10 March 2017

On Kotryna's birthday we arrived at Krabi and checked out Ao Nang beach. But first we had to celebrate it at McDonalds! It was right across our hotel. Funny, that this meal was the most expensive in our whole trip, at least 3 or 4 times more expensive than the usual Thai food. So it felt as a luxurious outing πŸ˜‚ It might be sad that we are that generation, but it felt very very comforting and homelike to have a BigMac again...
Yesterday we took a snorkeling tour around Koh Tao. Saw some great colorful fishes, a school of 15000 fishes and a big turtle. The boat ride got quite wavy so Kotryna got a bit seasick. Later we also took a nightboat from Koh Tao to Surat Thani. Luckily she was feeling better on that boat. After the boat we took the bus to Krabi. We're staying close to Ao nang beach. (Some random pictures of Koh Tao are included)

8 March 2017

Getting around through the jungle routs with a scooter can be scary-super steep dirt roads made me jump off the back as it became too steep. But at times we came across beautiful scenery. Eating Thai food is glorious... but Gilbert missed some western burgers and pizza. The burger was served with a tinny banana. Go figure πŸ˜„and the restaurant has really comfy seats.
Our hotel in Koh Tao was in a rocky bay with a beautiful view (and almost no people). We liked this peaceful atmosphere and decided to stay here for two nights. In the mornings we woke up at 6am to see the sunrise (it was so easy, we could watch it through our window while laying in bed). And in evenings playing cards, eating in the restaurant downstairs. Mosquitos would be active in evenings too as well as small lizards getting in our bungalow. Really grateful for the net over the bed. We snorkels in this bay too, tried to make a photo underwater. Unfortunately you can not see all the beautiful colors of fishes or corals here.

7 March 2017

We took a boat taxi to the Koh Nang Yuan, where tree small islands connect through a patch of sand. The water is so clear that while swimming we could watch many colorful fishes feeding on corals. This is a paradise.

4 March 2017

We had so see more different beaches on Koh Phangan island, as we went to Coconut beach with our rental scooter. It was a beautiful scenery, very hippie vibe, a tourist staying in one of the bungalows was playing the Russian accordion, a big fat hog slept next to the bar. We drank/ate a fresh coconut and enjoyed laying down on the sand. Oh, and guess who can not sleep on his back tonight? More sun burn...
Going to the closest beach, walking through the sand barrier to the other island. We got some snorkeling equipment as this island is the place to snorkel - schools of colorful fishes feeding on the corals. A stray dog managed to pass through the water with us (we had some meat sticks, so he liked us immediately) and dug a whole in a sand to chill. So relaxing.

3 March 2017

It was the time to move on to the next island - Koh Phangan. We took a ferry from Koh Samui, after 40mins rented a scooter here, so we would have max freedom with moving around. So many different beautiful beaches here around, later will come more pictures... Feeling free. Oh, and Gilbert gave into the flames of Sun.

2 March 2017

Yesterday was a bit rainy day, so we decided to have a relaxing day ourselves, eating at the rooftop pool of our hotel, Pina colada and Tai deserts. After went to get a relaxing massage, feet massage with Tiger Balm for K and oil body massage for G. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

1 March 2017

We landed safely in Surat Thani and went with the boat to Ko Samui. Got dark but still wanted to see the beach. Our first hotel/bungalow had some cockroaches so we moved somewhere else. Next few days won't be great weather so we're gonna enjoy the beach some more now. Ohyeah and these pics are all attempts to get the coconut off. No succes..

27 February 2017

Instead of being led, we decided to take a moped and go our own way. The area of Samoeng was recommended and was a great route. Had a long climb on the Mae Sa waterfall in between and some great views on the way.

26 February 2017

Yesterday we went for a tour through the mountain with the highest point, the king's and queen's temple and trekking with a local guide from the tribe living there through the 'jungle'. We tried some coffee from their fields and saw some beautiful waterfalls. After that we went through the endless sundaymarket in Chiang Mai.

25 February 2017

We were so relaxed getting to Bangkok airport to go to Chiang Rai, only till we realized we were at the wrong airport, being pretty sure we would miss our flight. Luckily it didn't costs us too much to get another flight from the current airport. Chiang Rai was really cozy and were able to relax again. After seeing the white temple we are now in Chiang Mai (panoramic picture).

23 February 2017

Visiting some ruins in Ayutthaya. Got a drunken-look-a-like tuk tuk driver. We said no first cause he seemed drunk, turns out he had injury on his head, big scar, so he talks funny now. Also interesting to see people on the road. Like a passenger in a hammock in the trunk of a pickup car on the highway..

22 February 2017

Today visiting most important locations in Bangkok- The Grand Palace, two more clusters of temples, boat taxi through the river. The main impressions: beautiful detailed temples, very chaotic city structure, most people are very kind, 4 people tried to scam us already, very hot weather and delicious food!
Fresh coconut water! Sweet and refreshing, also ate the soft coconut meat. Walking through food markets can be scary at first - dark narrow alleys and terrible fish smell. Can't wait to try more Thai food.

21 February 2017

The very first impressions. After arriving to Bangkok yesterday we were walking to our hotel that we booked. We did not find the hotel at the given address. Already thought "great, already the first scam!". But after calling the hotel they were really kind to come and pick us up. We finally found the hotel.
So the trip officially starts. Our planned route: RED -plane, YELLOW - minivan+ferry.