South Korea · 7 Days · 68 Moments · May 2017

Korea trip spring 2017 May29 to Jun5

4 June 2017

Lunch box from Tong in traditional market.
Last stop of the walking tour - cultural experience at a Buddhist temple center. Experience tea ceremony demonstrated by a nun. She served us green tea and mulberry tea. And we had to sit with the right posture and hold the tea cups in the right way. Green tea tastes like long Jing from hang zhou. The mulberry has a very pleasing color and fragrance.
Insadong walking tour Guide was an elderly retired English teacher, Mr Kim.
Brash set made by a famous master craftsman. Keeping it for my daughter Purchase was inspired by the guide, who told me that he is still using the silver chopsticks he received for his wedding 😊
Beautiful library at COEX. Seems to be opened 24 hours

3 June 2017

Lunch stop on the way to Seoul. One more try of the Hwangtae fish soupπŸ˜‹ This was better than the one at the specialty restaurant! Soup has radish and sprouts, soup was full flavored.
Views leaving Osaek hot spring area.
Last night of tour, hot spring hotel - Osaek Green Yard Hotel Traditional nude hot spring facilities. Iron and calcium cold pool was invigorating!

2 June 2017

Green walnut, potato πŸ₯” etc
More pictures of Song yi farm
Song yi farm Main produce are chestnuts and persimmons. Others : chillies, tomatoes, corn, walnut etc Many beautiful flowers 🌺
At the rice cake factory Hands on in beating up the boiled rice into a cake. Roll, cut and coat with Sita bean powder.
Rice fields on the way to rice cake factory
Lunch stop - cold noodles and kimchi rice cake Found young persimmons & sweet potato plants
Ornate gate of the national park
Going down. See the yellow colored cable car behind us? That's the original cable car!
Feeling on top of the world !
More pictures on Mount Seorak
On mount Seorak
Tony loves old ladies !
Going up the cable car
Mount Seorak National Park
Views on the way to Mount Sorak
Breakfast at a local famous mussels soup restaurant

1 June 2017

Sashimi dinner at Daepohang Bought a bunch of dried seafood here 😊
Sol Beach Hotel Beautiful beach? Pacific Ocean
Song Yi mushroom πŸ„ Pine tree forest with Min age of pine tree of 20 -30 yrs old.,natural mices is formed on the ground. After monsoon rain, the humid ground helps fungus seeds to spread July to aug From September, mushrooms start to sprout. Harvest will be possible in early October. Medicinal effect of Song yi mushroom - anti inflammatory - lower blood pressure - regulate blood sugar - anti cancer Diff cap pattern, umbrella cap is lower quality than small cap. Only harvest in early October. Only eaten fresh. 60% of produce bought by Japanese. In Yang Yang, 2 types of mushrooms grow below oak trees - sari and neun yi Oak tree vs dead oak trunk At base of oak trees, Neungyi mushrooms grow. Seeds from neunyi on dead oak wood produce pyeongu mushroom ( Xiang Gu) Green walnut tree Mushroom hunting tools
Coffee at Maka Jeoun Cafe - a free trade coffee joint. Owners are passionate about paying a fair price to coffee farmers. Serves fair trade coffee from 3rd world countries like Kenya, East Timor, Vietnam etc. Was June 1. Owners donate the days takings to charity and we contributed. Had some good singing as well. Ps Andrew prayed for the family
To Danoje festival (Tuan Wu jie ) Cold noodles and pancake lunch at one of the food stalls
Seongyojang surrounding farm lands - potato flowers!
Breakfast at Seongyojang

31 May 2017

Dinner at 120 yr old tofu restaurant, with delicious makgeli
Seongyojang Residence, 船ζ‘₯εΊ„- traditional house stay This is one of the top Gangneun city tourist spots. The manor family receives subsidies from the government to maintain the residence and in exchange they have to open the manor to the public daily between 9am to 5pm. Gangneun area is a rich area, abundant with food, except padi fields. In the residence grounds is a museum of the family's daily artifacts such as tea wares, art, tables, slippers (!) and the family tree, starting from Lee Nae Beon , brother of king Sejong of the Chosen dynasty. We were very fortunate to meet the 14th generation descendant 李.εΊ·ιš† who happened to be visiting the residence.
Ojukhern - home of Shin Saim Dang. An ideal Confucius woman and character of a k drama. Famous woman whose face and art is on the 50000krw note. Her son Yi Yi is a famous Confucius scholar and face of the 5000 Krw. He passed the civil examination at 13! When his mother conceive him, she dreamt of a dragon at the door.
Sorting room. Had a few samples - not impressed.
Strawberry farm
Summer πŸ“ farm. Possible because of the highland. Ideal temperature is 20-25 deg Celsius
Gangneung Province Daegwallyeong plug (vegetable seedling)farm 750 m above sea Owner has a agricultural degree. From a farmer family, passion for farmer and improve the farm technology 4 major groups of chilli. He handles 4 to 5 varieties One of the 300 seedling farms in Korea. Est in 1993. Govt subsidies for structure setup Celery, cabbage, chilies, lettuces, tomatoes and celery No work during winter months of Nov, Dec and Jan Climate change 10 yrs ago - 5 meters snow during winter months. Snow has reduced now. End of May used to have snow capped mountains. Farm produces 40 mio seedlings a year. Celery seeds are difficult to germinate. So broadcast seeds and plant the seedling after sprouting
Feeding sheep
Workers taking a break from cutting grass
More scenery at the sheep farm
Yangtte Cattle and sheep farm
Lesson on strawberries πŸ“ Strawberry belongs to the same genre as apples - rosacea. Their flowers are similar. Plant taxonomy is based on its flowers.
Moving to Pyeongchang/Daegwanyrung, sea level 1,500m. Fine Weather, lots of white clouds A very light WIND BREAKER will keep warm when walking around Sheep farm, vegetable seeding & strawberry farm area.
Lesson on potatoes Origin area - Peru highland. Only grow in cool areas. Top 5 world stable food. World spread from AD900. First European country to see potato was a Germany. Sprouting potato is toxic. Humid weather makes potatoes sprout, resulting in illness and potatoes acquired the name tuber of death. Vegetable biological temperature is 10 deg Celsius. Potato grow best in cool temperature and became European stable food. Has to grow in virus free areas. Ireland in mid 1700s suffered famine and about 200k died, out of a population of about 400k. πŸ₯” has a serious plant disease - late blight destroyed most of the potatoes. Since Ireland only planted potatoes, it resulted in the famine. 2 diff types of blight - A1 & A2. Takes 3 months to grow. Potato is grown from seed tuber. Largest exporter of seed tuber is Netherlands GanWon province Nutritional value - Skin is edible
The whole mountainous area is full of πŸ₯” potato farm, summer cabbage and ginseng farms
Breakfast - delicious fish soup made with this special dried fish. This fresh water fish is transported every year to MT Sorak to be dried naturally during winter. The drying process turn the fish meat into a golden yellow color. The soup is flavorful with just the right richness.,Apparently no other ingredients needed to make a delicious soup except garnishes like leek/garlic and spring onions

30 May 2017

The group celebrated my birthday ! Tony arranged for a cake and a bottle of wine. Delicious πŸ˜‹ Dr Song was so sweet to buy a matcha Swiss roll and 2 cartons of milk as presents for me, haha πŸ˜‚
Highlight dinner of the trip! Hanook beef restaurant - low fat, medium fat and marbled beefπŸ˜‹
PyeongChang Province Welli Hilli Park resort A membership Ski resort with lots of activities other than skiing. Zipline, jeep cam, golf course, go-cart, cart racing down slope etc
3 meals at this place. Fresh fish stew dinner, snail veg soul breakfast and asari dao shao mian Mistress is very friendly and a Chinese.
Views on the cruise
Steep steps leading to the cruise on jejeong lake
Jejongsi At 轻风明月. Park created in 1983 because of the dam.
A middle class farmer's house was relocated to the park. Medicine chest Herbs drying in paper bags Roof is made with rice straws. New straws are added after every season, piling on top of the old ones. The old layers will decay and fall to the ground, contributing microbes. Outdoor stove, heat is sent into the house for heating Machine for making thatch roof Rice sack can hold 80kg of rice. Old spindle
Good morning Blooming Days! Breakfast at the same fish restaurant. Nice veg snail soup with loads of side dishesπŸ˜‹

29 May 2017

Fresh fish stew - mandarin fish from the lake. Delicious !
Flowers everywhere!
Beautiful sunset views and a pretty cherry tree outside our unit.
First night accommodation- Blooming Days. So-so interior but very pretty exterior and the surrounding grounds and views. Each house has 3 to 4 rooms. Design looks like New England village. See the fawn and fauna!
Day 1 (29 May) 08:00 Meeting point @Exit C 08:30 Leave for Eumsung 10:30 Arrive at Komega perilla farm 11:00 Perilla class 12:00 Perilla Experiance (Sowing perilla seed) & Group photo 12:40 Lunch (Perilla ginseng chicken soup) 13:30 Cultural show (Nanta performance @SG county RC 14:30 Drop at local farm (Water melon & Cactus) 15:30 Move to Choongju 17:00 Check in Bloomins day - liliac D 19:30 Dinner_local food- fresh fish stew from local lake
Watermelons!! Amazingly sweet πŸ‰. Almost taste like farmer injected sugar. But no. Secret to good quality :- 1. Soil must be rich in organic matter 2. Right variety 3. Every plant only one fruit is selected. Each greenhouse will produce 450 melons of between 7 to 10 kg each. Each melon is sold at an average price of 20,000krw at the wholesale market. 2 plantings a year and each planting cycle is 3 mths. Mr Moon, the farmer has 12 greenhouses. Not bad for income πŸ‘ Selecting a good melon- slap on the side, a clear high pitch 'tong tong' sound is good. A dull tong means that the melon is tired. Never buy a cheap large melon. Watermelons are selection process fruit. Price denotes quality.
Young peaches. Harvest time is next month. Nice lingering fragrance when you are near the tree
More 🌡!!
This farm has 2000 cactus species!
On the way to cactus and watermelon farm