Thailand · 3 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017

Koh Samui Island

28 August 2017

Ang Thong National Park Composed of 42 islands we took a painfully slow ferry ride out to the island. The first stop Erica, Colin, Elenene and I hiked to the top of a very steep outlook. We got to fulfill Colin's wishes by seeing monkeys on the walk as well, they were incredible! We saw baby monkey as well! The second island was a bit crowded at first but we got to kayak to our destination, where we went through a super small cave (check out sweet go pro footage 😎) and then snorkel for about an hour before we started back to the mainland. Jessica, Erica, Colin and I sat on the top of the boat which ended up being awesome because it stormed and we could literally see the lines of rain we were about to enter. Also, the islands behind us would quickly disappear as the storms rolled over them!

27 August 2017

Fried Noodles with Beef Dinner on the beach was an absolute perfect way to end the day adventure. We stopped at an authentic Thai restaurant where they set a table up right on the beach for us. :). Still traveling in our pack of 8 we sat there, enjoyed mixed cocktails and played Piggs. BEAUTIFUL, PEACEFUL NIGHT :)
Infiniti pool and waterfall #2 We rented a van and brought along Rick from California and the Basic Belgium Bitch Elenena. The waterfall was a bit touristy but ended up being a nice touch. Erica and Jessica adventured off to a slide that was quite painful 😂 The Infiniti Pool on top of a Mountain was AMAZING. We had the entire pool to ourselves because shortly after we got there it stared to storm but that didn't bother us. Truly a bucket list activity.

26 August 2017

Thai Boxing Match and Street Huts First time having Pad Thai :) Watched three matches of boxing, two men and one women
Rock Bar: Chill Bob Marley bar. Very chill culture. Offered splifs and quickly found staff was upset if we did not tip.
Chill Inn Here we have a six person hostel. Shane and his staff are very accommodating and polite. Air conditioning runs from 5 pm to 11 am each day. We arrived around 8:30 pm and quickly found ourselves dinner. I indulged in my first Green Curry dish. Absolutely fantastic! We soon met our first Ireland friend Anthony, which is when I have confirmed that Ireland men are angry. Every story ended with him getting into a fight or argument 😂 We sat around talking while drinking and soon enough hit the hay. With no obligations the next day, we all took our time to sleep in. I was a bit anxious to see the view in daylight that I snuck downstairs and started to steal the fresh breeze and water. The day was relaxing with swimming, reading, drinking and cards. That evening we went out with RT(Indian Women) Nick (Ireland teacher) Anthony and Rick ( Asian California).