Asia, North America · 9 Days · 44 Moments · March 2017

Koenraad's journi to FL, NY

1 April 2017

But that also means Koenraad has to go back to Dubai for work! And that is no joke! At least he gets to ride some monorail at the airort
Day 2 : Magic Kingdom based in the original Disneyland but bigger!

31 March 2017

Long day at the Studios. After the last show Star Wars we picked up Lorenzo at MCO. He will be here for the weekend to do Day 2 and Day 3.
Mo studios
Disney Hollywood Studios

30 March 2017

More canoeing down the creek!
Venice (no not Italia, this is Florida baby!) Da beach!
Cracker Barrel breakfast

29 March 2017

Campfire stories
More yumyum
2 more days

28 March 2017

Canoeing in the backyard! Gators, turtles!
Back in Paradise. Swimming Loteria

27 March 2017

Modeling camp successful! Several modeling agencies showed interest in Alessandra! Now wait and see.... Next stop, Paris, in May for the EMS European Modeling Showcase. Now, time to get back to Florida! Time to go to Disneyworld! But we aircraft delayed 2 hours. Planning to arrive at Fort Myers at 1:30!!! Thanks David and Hayden for picking is up!
Nathan's hotdogs in front of Trump Plaza!
Tour of Julliard school of arts at the Lincoln Center in NY
Breakfast for champions!
Bye Lorenzo, off to Boston. See you Friday!

26 March 2017

In the city that never sleeps
Food food glorious food
More sights and sounds of NY
Trump's anti-message
President Trump's place
Mo' NY! Central Park
Good morning! Breakfast at Ellen Stardust dinner where stars are discovered. Good food too!

25 March 2017

After show cheesecake at Junior's. D E L I C I O U S!
After an exhausting day starting at 3 am, flown to NY, Alessandra completed a very successful photo shoot and Koenraad Jeannine and Lorenzo hitting the town as tourists, we end up in the Marquis theater on Broadway for an evening of high octane entertainment. All precautions were taken as we all took a power-nap! Bring it on!
Flavors of NY
Empire State Building
Let's make America great again!
Greetings from Times Square
Welcome to Newark!! Now off to New York! It is JAKL time!
Back at the airport! This time it is RSW Fort Myers FL for a flight to EWR Newark. Alessandra has a photo shoot in NY this afternoon.

24 March 2017

Yummy. Really!!
Fish tacos met nen Stella
Thanks D and K. Nice to be back!
Welcome. 15:30 hours flight. Thanks to Mr President Trump we had a one hour delay disembarking the aircraft due to new TSA security restrictions. So, one coffee to go for a 2 1/2 hr drive to Punta Gorda where David and Karla live
Even dag zeggen!!! Hallo Aantwaarp!

24 March 2017

Waiting for EK213 DXB-FLL at DXB airport Leaving in 2 hours at 3 am