North America · 14 Days · 23 Moments · June 2017

KM's adventure in Akumal, Mexico

3 July 2017

I've been too exhausted to journal the last couple of days. We are on the plane heading home. Since the last update, we hung out at the resort, snorkeled with turtles, and played in Playa del Carmen. It was my second time snorkeling with turtles. I just love them. It was fun for all of us! We probably saw around 10. The resort life is always exciting. We won movie trivia and our prize was a bunch of Canada Day T-shirts and a bottle of tequila. There were so many people from different parts of Europe. I could count the amount of Americans we met on my fingers. One of our favorites was an adorable family from Scotland. Playa del Carmen is a hoppin' city. We shopped a lot. We went to Señor Frogs. I didn't realize it until we were there, but BM and I are only about a week away from when we visited señor frogs in mazatlan for our honeymoon 15 years ago! We recreated some memories and brought the kids in on it.

29 June 2017

Today we went to the Cozumel Pearl Farm. WOW. We had a private beach all to ourselves. We had a great tour from Poncho, the engineer of the family that does all of the building. He told us about how this farm was a dream of his father's-as a retirement dream. Then we had an entire ocean to ourselves in the artificial coral that they have grown themselves. They have a marine biologist in the family who is brilliant. They are still 10 years away from being able to sell their products commercially - but they have some beautiful pink pearls. It's the only pearl farm in the Caribbean. I fell asleep in the hammock for the last half hour. It was the day dreams are made of. We also took our first Colectivo today and anyone who knows how much I like public transportation knows how much I loved that. I also love submerging my babies into a new culture.
Habeneros bar

28 June 2017

I take too many selfies. Lol.

27 June 2017

26 June 2017

Yesterday was zipline, atvs, and cenotes. Sorry, no pics were taken because we were too busy having fun. I LOVED the ATV. I need one. Bm chickened out on the zipline. What a wuss. Today, we went to Chichen Itza and saw the Mayan ruins. Bm will post more pictures of that. Gorgeous. We also swam in another cenote. Living the life!
Today, we booked some adventures for the next couple of days and we played some more around the resort. I'm ready to see more of this amazing country!

25 June 2017

Living it up! Today we stayed at the resort. We saw tons of iguanas and played in the pool and sea! It's gorgeous here!

24 June 2017

Almost missed our flight because I only read little print.
Beer makes the world go round and when it tastes good to its only an added bonus.
We're in the Houston Airport for 4 hours. Might as well Texas beer!
Made it to Houston! This will be everyone but my first southern BBQ!
Jack's first airplane ride!
The plane!
The plane!
At the airport! It's way too early to function.

19 June 2017

5 more sleeps!