United Kingdom · 17 Days · 64 Moments · May 2017

KK's adventure in Scotland, United Kingdom

29 May 2017

Last stop, Manchester, again, not a football fan, but we're visiting the stadium anyway. Sadly, It's time to say goodbye to our trusty carriage, marred by evidence of our journey, it had been a great one, until next time.

28 May 2017

Last day of our trip, we just had to travel to Liverpool. I personally am not a fan, but hey, we're here, might as well take some token photos. Finishing off the day with outlet shopping and a nice French dinner.

27 May 2017

Another awesome structure - Chester Cathedral
We got to Chester in the late afternoon, had a quick walk around to survey the land. Another town that takes you back in time. We'll be back to check out the landmarks tomorrow

26 May 2017

This was such a great day. The couple behind us at the parking meter this morning saw that we were having trouble paying with our credit cards, and very generously paid our fare. I'm so grateful to meet such kindness in people in our travels. All in all, a wonderful feeling to have. We'll be leaving this charming town and our temporary residence at Oakghyll tomorrow, on to the last leg of our trip, much to our reluctance
Time to head back, perfect way to finish up a hot summer day with a few chilled ciders
Ambleside has the old world charm despite being a popular tourist spot, after filling our tummies with yummy vegetarian dishes, we took a walk around town and start to head back to the pier
Taking yet another lake cruise to Ambleside
I was so excited about the steam train ride, but alas, the one we got on was not the one on the brochure, nonetheless, it was great, there's just something about trains that feels so romantic and timeless
It's a leisurely day of nostalgia. It's steamers all day long! Starting off with a lake cruise on steamer boat 'Swan' to the Haverthwaite Railway Station

25 May 2017

Bowness on Windermere is one of those towns where you can just stroll around, sit at a cafe or bar with friends all day, people watching. The shops has some unique bric a bracs, it's just fun to explore, especially on a warm summer day.

24 May 2017

We're leaving the Highlands and hopefully the wet weather behind. After another day of driving, we finally got to Windermere, such a classic town

23 May 2017

This is what we've waited 2 hrs and in the rain for, yay!
Ok, here we go, climbing up to see the train, we took the scenic route, not exactly an easy climb, but the view is stunning.
Forecast says it's gonna rain today, let's hope we're lucky enough to snap a pic of the famed harry potter train before it does
Beautiful colors

22 May 2017

Random things that caught my eye
Evening stroll through town
We have finally reached Fort William by late afternoon and settled into our accommodation for the night. The owner kindly recommended The Grog and Gruel (old English for drink and food), so off we went for dinner, quite an interesting restaurant/pub, great food as well.
It's mostly driving today, we took the scenic route through Fort Augustus, luckily the heavens pitied us and gave us some sunshine. After a hearty meal, it's onwards to Fort William. Despite the wind and rain, the way along Western Highlands is quite striking

21 May 2017

Urqhart Castle
Urqhart Castle
Urqhart Castle
Overlooking Loch Ness is the bewitching Urquhart Castle. Another picture postcard scene
No trip to the Highlands is complete without visiting Loch Ness, since it's a Sunday, we think Nessie must be resting, we'll just have a stand-in and let our imaginations run wild
Another muggy day, we went back to the Culloden Battlefield nonetheless, was a bit chilly, but walking in the footsteps of those soldiers who fought here gives the picturesque pastures more depth and meaning

20 May 2017

It's a rainy day, so we hit the distillery again, we got there a tad late, but the guys at Tomatin are great, they gave us a free tasting anyway. We were told the Culloden Moor Inn has big-portioned food, was good that the place was packed, so we killed a bit of time at Culloden battlefield, skies finally cleared up and offered us some beautiful sceneries. Day finishes up with a huge-ass steak. All in all a relaxing day.

19 May 2017

We are finally on our way to Inverness and onto dinner, our tummies were pleasantly satisfied, especially after another 2.5 hrs on the road. Now happy and warmed up in our cottage, we look forward to some indoor activities (likely distilleries or breweries) to cheer us up from the rain
So, almost every travel blog mentioned Portree as a must-see spot, so we stretched our time just a bit more and ventured towards there. Maybe my expectation was set too high, I must say it was slightly disappointing, probably due to the accumulating clouds. Love the quaint little town, and just happy we are blessed with fine weather most of the day.
Leaving our holiday rental on the street with quirky stores in Edinburgh, onwards to the Isle of Skye, I'm excited! 250 miles (almost 6 hrs) later, we finally arrived at the Eilean Donan Castle. It was sooo worth it. I only have one word, breathtaking!

18 May 2017

Last night in Edinburgh, what a beautiful sunset
A stroll through the town of Dunfremline
I am often panicked here driving in Scotland because a lot of times when turning into a street I see cars parked in both directions on the same side of the street, and lines and lights placements are not prominent, at least to a foreign driver like myself, yet i am so grateful local drivers are very laxed and dont seem to mind me drifting in and out of lanes
Another stunning church
Rosslyn Chapel
Absolutely lovely day to visit Rosslyn Chapel

17 May 2017

Random snaps in town
Lunch at Howie's across the street from where we're staying
Probably my favorite room at the castle
Edinburgh Castle
Continuing our journey of castle visits after a leisurely breakfast - Edinburgh Castle

16 May 2017

Evening stroll in town after some wonderful food
Off to Edinburgh. Finally get a chance to stay in a downtown apartment, where people seem to never sleep and your best alarm clock is the thought of moving your car to avoid getting fined or towed.
Silly Snaps

16 May 2017

Great Hall and Kitchens
Such awesome architecture
Next stop, Stirling Castle
So happy that the sun's out for us after a yummy breakfast and before we leave this city
Last day in Glasgow, starting the day with a classy English-y breakfast at the famed Willow Tea Rooms.

15 May 2017

Another delicious meal to end our day with
Skies cleared up a bit, we're taking this opportunity to stroll around before we leave for Edinburgh
Tummies filled, naturally, a drink to warm us up is on the agenda. Next stop, Glengoyne Distillery! So we're told that this is the only distillery that makes their whiskeys in the highlands and matured in the lowlands, just across the street.
Scumptious Bahn Mi with Avocado smoothie to cheer us up on a rainy day

14 May 2017

Yummy food to end a very nice evening.
It's probably meant to look like a bumper or cushioning, but it just makes me want to kick it more, looks like someone has similar ideas😂
Enjoying the hustle and bustle in Merchant Square
Driving downtown had been a bit of a challenge, but I find drivers are usually very forgiving and patient here compared to a lot of other countries
Such a nice day for a hike conquering 500 steps at Dumbarton Castle.
Takes some skills to have the car parked like that
Brunch on a lovely fine day

13 May 2017

First time booking through Airbnb. What a great place to put our feet up and rest our heads after a 13-hr flight
Arrived at Heathrow, wandering around waiting for connecting flight, enjoying our morning joes.