Australia and Oceania, Asia · 9 Days · 29 Moments · August 2016

Kisha's odyssey through Hong Kong S.A.R.

24 August 2016

I completely forgot I was writing a travel journal.
"Always play from the heart" - The Book Of Life -
"To be a true hero you must be selfless" - The Book of Life -

17 August 2016

Can't really see the view outside because it's raining and the window is all wet. The room is tiny. I'm tired and sleepy and my mind is wandering....Lasi Lasi Lasi Lasi....vaguely his words and the unpleasant plays over and over in my mind. When I fall asleep I dream of pleasure with him...sometimes I feel like I'm sinking and sometimes I'm happy and Too joyous to care. On the plane, I saw some lady beside me with her small kid who was annoying as he cried. But he slept most of the time. But imagine the sacrifice? Time and energy invested for this? I'm not sure if I ever want this anymore. I once dreamed of a normal life like everyone. Family kids husband. But this dream is dead in me. I am no longer dreaming this. In fact I don't even want it. Anwyas the hotel held 1000+aud for my hotel booking! That's bloody insane and as usual I don't have much cash I had to transfer money from my progress saver account :( loan again and lost interest!
Arrived at the hotel not long ago, had a shower and they both, Ama and Santhil were fast asleep. Santhil snoring and Ama woke up in a days saw me in and went back to sleep. Couldn't even come up and give me a hug. Said we're very tired you look nice and went off to sleep. I haven't seen her since April when she left Adelaide. I thought they both would be awake watching tv and waiting for my arrival. I stupidly was going to check myself out but lucky I couldn't be bothered. Anyways when you live your life with no expectations, it's much better! Landed at Hong Kong airport. Was indeed a distance from the airport to the hotel! There were 3 taxi type: green, red (urban) and blue. That's interesting. Depending on which part you head to you choose the taxi Color. Mine was red, urban. It's been drizzling here. The taxi driver hardly spoke any English only Chinese. He didn't accept visa only cash. I'm at the Renaissance Harbour view hotel. On the 26th floor.

16 August 2016

"I chose this life and now, I must continue it." I am Malala
I am so tired and exhausted and it's been a long day travelling. Finally boarded the plane to Hong Kong. Sleepy but can sleep. Anxious and not relaxed. Excited too for the holiday but not quite the conference lol. Long busy week running around here and there with my thesis....#lifeontherun But where are you rushing to and need to head to? Hiding and suppressing my thoughts and emotions for Lasi. But he is always there at the back of my mind, missing him, wondering how he is, how is life is and if he would ever return or call me or keep a watch of my life on facebook. Would you? Perhaps not...
Finally close to boarding! Brahmins food? Looking forward for my plane meal 😄
World clocks and the risks Of cancer..
Wandering around KLIA airport...waiting to board the plane to Hong Kong
I will be back soon....
Tempted! Durian Moachi and dodol. Yummy! Couldn't resist. Enjoyed the durian in the Mochi more than anything else!
Sometimes we have to transit before we head to the next destination. these transit moments, can come as a break, filling time and perhaps giving some good rest to this feet! Among my many transits this one is in homeland! Feels awkward to transit here #klia #realtime #160816
It's been a long time I flew through KLIA. Long time. Such memories here too and back in my Nilai days. Walking through This airport to take the bus back to Ipoh those days. 3 years my kampung, Nilai!
Looks like it's durian season! So tempted. Durian coffee? crazy! Can't wait to get back home
Star Wars collectables at Royal Selangor? Woow! So tempted but so expensive. Everytime I think of this I remember Lasi...if he was still in my life, I would gift him something Star Wars ☚ī¸
Watched Batman vs superman. Enjoyed it very much. Wonder why people said it wasn't good. I loved it! Then watched
Malaysian airlines look different
Homeland! Hazy sky of Malaysia as usual...kampung Nilai. All kelapa sawit!
Got a hold of the Star News paper! Been a long time
The truth has to come and falsehood has to die. From the Holy Quran (I am Malala documentary)
Suppose to be Nasi lemak but didn't taste like it. Better than Qantas with food and entertainment anytime! But Nasi lemak better on air Asia
Adelaide from above!!!
Spot the city of Adelaide fro above!
Boarding pass!
Massive dark eye patches and the plane!
Can't remember when was the last time I took Malaysian airlines and also travelling international direct from Adelaide airport. Luggage 28kg in total! Bon voyage