Europe, Australia and Oceania, Asia · 41 Days · 29 Moments · October 2017


5 December 2017

Rode out of Pokeno to Mercer to Podgers place, a motor camp. Great crack, meeting up with guys hiking the The Arora trail . Then on to Kathy,s pies at Rangiri, using the expressway which was exhilarating, then on to arrow Motel and the new concrete cycleway and this new bridge to Gnagarangar.

2 December 2017

Impromptu jazz session oin station cafe at Swanson. Brilliant eggs Benedict too

1 December 2017

The bride on but really green , was rescued off the road atca house selling avocados, just as well as I was on the wrong road! Great hosts, great dog, spent the evening with them at their R S A clubhouse. Next morning rode 20 km to start of the Metro to Auckland to get through the city Fantastic station cafe littered with cyclists just finished a timed hill climb
Boat skipper Rod, wife Cheryl and Jens from Switzerland, morning after shuttle, slept in their caravan in boatyard.

30 November 2017

A kind Maori on one of three water andcsit down under his tree stops
His only tree
Sent this to Barb as a business opportunity, real out west feeling in this out the back!
Then came the Waitoura forest with the giant kauri trees and a brilliant campsite on land recently handed back to the Maoris A 5 km push the next morning to this water stop , then the rest of the 53 km ride to Dargaville (definitely out west for the shuttle across Hokianga harbour as the roads around the harbour are unsafe for bikes.

28 November 2017

Then crossed the ferry to Rawene and the boat she'd cafe insisted on a photo after the scrambled eggs!

26 November 2017

Precautions against kauri dieback. Government has now voted to cancel some trails because the risk is so serious.
Sunday morning drinks stop at start of Herekino forest

23 November 2017

Dropped off at Cape Reinga, bus driver couldn't,t understand why I was so excited to be there! Left at 3.30 and made it back to Waiteki landing and missed the hostel so camped out under a tree in a farmer,s garden, very cold. Good bed in holiday park cabin at Hohoura head next night then through to Kaiatia today ...found a good cafe to celebrate! On route 12 tomorrow. Wind in my favour so far.

21 November 2017

Very relaxing stay with Tony,s family at Opua. Now comes the serious bit, off to Kaitai Inthe morning and then to the Cape now the weather has settled. Hope to bit the road down on Thursday.

20 November 2017

Alternative transport at Russell?!!?

16 November 2017

Bike out of box y,day, what a relief. Taking bus halfway up towards the North tomorrow. Great people and lots of help and smiles in Auckland but so much construction noise. Roll on the countryside.

15 November 2017

A Tribute to a gardener in Parnell village

13 November 2017

Arrived Auckland a little shattered! Great hostel. Tomorrow I meet the most recommended bike mechanic in town.

11 November 2017

Frantic preparations for get away, tried to introduce Tony to as many friends as possible. Etoile and the cats related to him brilliantly but it was hard to leave them and the garden! Bike box behaved well and Bob and Jen,s neighbour was on the same train and heaved it off for me in the melee at CDG. Landed at HK to a dawn sunrise above the cloud blanket.

9 November 2017

? Alternative transport at Russell!

2 November 2017

25 October 2017