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Kirsten's voyage in United Republic of Tan...

5 November 2017

We're in Boston with Jacqueline and Esther!!
Look familiar EFL teachers? A Kate Parker photo from Strong is the New Pretty in the latest Oprah magazine that I'm reading on the flight home. The book is not credited in the article and there are a few more mind blowing statistics like: black women make up 7% of US population (probably higher world wide) and only 1% of pilots. Here's to strong 💪🏽 people to empower all girls to be 💪🏽women.

4 November 2017

Leaving Dar es Salaam for Dubai. Esther's first flight ever. She's never been in an escalator or seen an elevator. Imagine her impression of the Dubai airport!
Madame Louise! I will miss working with you! Go Angels👼🏿
Saying final goodbyes to SEGA friends at the airport in Dar es Salaam. Excited for our journey to Boston!
On the bus and driving off SEGA campus. At the front of campus near the assembly spot we stop to pick up Jacqueline and Esther. Celebrities with the students. These girls will be missed and Esther and Jacqueline as Morogorians will miss their home just as we miss our families and habits from home.
I LOVE this photo of Eva and her family. Eva has been at SEGA a little longer than our group. She is the new head matron for the students. Vicki and I spoke with her earlier in the morning and she said the most beautiful thing, 'My boy has been changed by your visit. Look at him now! Do you remember how he would not approach visitors when you first arrived? Now he is like 'this'!' The ultimate compliment and the same tone of the celebration as staff would say the girls are more open to speaking English and being relaxed. What a great trip to see that transformation and it comes from love.
Good bye Hawa 👩🏿‍⚕️ and Zawadi 🎤.
Is this really the ONLY picture I have of Pauline?! Great Life Skill head at SEGA!
Isabella is the manager of the SEGA lodge and has been our rock throughout our two weeks on campus. She is our Swahili translator with the Masai and Husein (the taylor). She took us on our field trips to the orphanage and the disability home (Amani). She stocked our kitchen food and drink and always did it with a smile. She brought our chai at tea time and answered every question. What a great hair style!!!
Roommates! Need I say more?!? ❤️❤️❤️

3 November 2017

Expat Dragonnaires.
Gorgeous last Friday night. On our way to Dragonnaires.
Wow, Grace!! Wow, Hairat!! Wow, Aisha!! These girls stood up in front of the entire school to thank us! They are well spoken and poised in ENGLISH!! So proud of these girls ❤️❤️❤️
On the plane and I'm really missing the BIG BONDA!!
Beautiful Hawa.
Madame Marion! Miss you and your lovely smiling face. So glad to have spent time with a glorious person who reminded me of everything beautiful in Jeanne Barton. Lovely memories and brings home the reality that the world is a small place.
Salma. A perfect girl.
Rehema! Biggest surprise as the most emotional goodbye ratio to quiet listener.
We are the Angels!
Kathie and me with the Hawa, Grace, Salma and Rehema ❤️
Louise and Hanna. ❤️
Signing Langston Hughes' poem... With Madame Charry.

31 October 2017

Netball practice. Asia is on the team!!!
Tough day at the rehabilitation orphanage. The kids that can't be accommodated they visit on the street. Not easy to see these kids that have such a limited future. Good work by local Morogorians.

30 October 2017

Music class at the end of the day. Learning the cup song: lyrics and rhythm with cups. Friday performance day is fast approaching.
Working on decorating the poem/song about feelings. I'm sure the girls can't stand their pictures being taken by now. Almost like me taking photos of my kids.
Notice the shoelace art!
Good morning Morogoro. Cool morning with a beautiful sunrise around 6am while running around the football field and the girls call and response during their morning jog.

28 October 2017

Rehema taking our group selfie at the hippo watering hole in Mukumbi National park. Great safari trip with the girls!!
At Mukumbi in front of the hippos and crocodiles. Our last stop before lunch during our Saturday safari! With Asia, Mwansiti and Salma. Thermal is taking the photo!
Elephants from the bus window on our drive through Makumbi. Grace was busy taking all the photos!!
A ret stop at Makumbi with Rehema sitting next to Hanna.
Climbing the baobob tree
Giraffe at Makumbi. Looking for the big 5??
These girls are amazing!! Nasra, Hawa, Mwansiti and
Mr Clark (with Jacqueline from Preform I. A football star who competes with the Form 3 cohort). Grizzy (as in Griswald). A facility genious for SEGA!

27 October 2017

Good morning SEGA school in Morogoro! Today Rosemary and I have a Swahili vocabulary test. Study hard!!

26 October 2017

Coach Emmanuel reffed a game of SEGA girls v EF teachers. We us some help from some of the best Form 3 team players. No score. Fantastic football and some amazing foots skills. They could easily take on any US team and they're undefeated against he international school in town.
Today Music 🎶 was the cup song with Anna Hendricks. Great demo by Hanna and then it was all the rhythm and talent of the girls.
The girls named Team #2 today. Team Angel. Which turned into team Awesome Angels after we read through some of the images in 'Strong is the New Pretty'. Great day with very intelligent and curious girls. Their knowledge of geography is above and beyond girls US students and this group is extremely interested in astronomy. Today Salma asked if there was life on other planets.

23 October 2017

At Morogoro market to pick up bananas, pineapple and rice for the 22 teachers and the orphanage we're visiting next week. The local hawkers were getting a bit too much before we got on the bus back. All our Daly for hanging out just outside the market in a group. The fried plantains at dinner were delicious!
Downtown Morogoro for fabric shopping and cashews. A little changing money drama at the bank. It all was fine in the end.
Good morning SEGA campus on the first day of English fluency class for preform I girls. We're ready to meet you and looking forward to a fun couple of weeks! Asante.

22 October 2017

Getting ready for the week ahead. Separating Halloween costumes from art supplies and books. While others go over the curriculum prepared for six groups of eight students each. Getting excited to meet our group of girls.
Just like outside on our front lawn, I found this in the hallway of the admin building ❤️Funny that.
Morning sunrise on day 2 at SEGA. Another beautiful day. Yoga on the porch.

21 October 2017

Catered lunch for graduation. It was brought in a bit late, and fed over 500 people. Students, families and guests. Cabbage, rice, broiler chicken, peas, tomatoes and onions, watermelon and fried chips. Yum!
Vicky with Flora who graduated from SEGA and found her to dance with during the ceremony.
Here's a twist on dressing your family in similar outfits. These women all wore the same dress to the ceremony. There were gifts and layes and all kinds of ways to mark this great occasion.
So here's a place where they give awards and celebrate individual accomplishments without the fear of hurting anyone's feelings. There was an award for head of each class (some girls were awarded multiple times) and other student awards marking individual accomplishments. Girls were happy, surprised, humbled and embraced by family. What a great way to mark your last year's of school.
A thank you from Clark for all the hard work of the girls and how proud hey should be for making it this far!!
2017 Graduating class at SEGA. A day full of all the hope and wonder of marking a major academic milestone. Look for the excitement and power of celebration from their families and friends at this ceremony. The day was electrifying!
Guest speaker who is the head boss at Immigration in Tanzania. She read her speech in English and encouraged the girls to 'stay straight', work hard and always follow her dreams!
Good morning Morogoro!

20 October 2017

Thomas is part of security at SEGA. He is Masai and his daughter, Nablus, is a Form I student next term. Dana and Annie are next to Thomas. Dana is in administration and has had a big part in organizing the largest outside group visit to SEGA. We are TWENTY TWO! The students knew this when we arrived. So many people coming to visit and take part in their daily activities. It's a big deal.
SEGA is an amazing hub of life affirming energy. Stella, Elinore and Witness were fantastic guides for their home away from home. Turns out that Witness has a sister in Preform I who is in our group, Hawa (AKA Eva).
MaryAnn finding Jacqueline for the first time during our tour of SEGA. Jacqueline will be traveling to the states on a 5 week study abroad from D.C. To New England. She is staying with MaryAnn in DC. So fun to meet her and see both of them react joyfully to know they will be together again in a few weeks time. Everyone feeling so grateful for the connection and the power of relationships.

19 October 2017

Last flight Dubai to Dar. It's hot and steamy. Traveling has been steady and calm. Ready to be there and get to work. Kathie and Vicky are lovely to travel with. Feeling grateful for the space and time to be doing this and meeting new friends.

18 October 2017

Beautiful views from plane window. Dubai at 8:00 AM
On flight reminder of Jade's favorite movie series ❤️
Taxiing to take off JFK to DUBAI.
Getting ready to board.
Kirsten and Kathie in NYC. My traveling buddies. On to first leg -Dubai!!!
Transferring at JFK. We're one hour closer in our 14 hour travel day. Looking forward to meeting up with the group and seeing the recent women graduates!
On JetBlue from BOS to JFK. Starting out is fun. Getting to know two lovely traveling partners: Jackie Sexton and Kathie Place. Thanks to Carmen for the ride to the airport and to Jason for waking up at 430 to get me going!