Australia and Oceania, Europe · 12 Days · 10 Moments · August 2017

Kira's journi through Europe

8 September 2017

ROME first afternoon in Rome and we go on a walking tour to see all the beautiful sites Rome has to offer. It was surprisingly dirty in Rome lots of rubbish on the floor but the buildings were beautiful so were the fountains. We saw this one fountain that is meant to make you pure again and turn you into a virgin when you drink the water and if you throw coins in the fountain it's meant to bring you good luck. I doubt it actually works but I threw the coins anyway all money that goes in the fountain gets collected and goes to charity so I didn't mind. Jayme and I had a lovely romantic dinner for two by another big famous building than once again had gelato. This place had 150 options so bloody many. I was so sick that night i threw up the whole night and had the cold sweats there was a walking tour planned for the next day but unfortunately I couldn't drag my bum out of bed to go so I slept all day. Jayme said it was crap so I didn't miss much. We ended the night with a Toga party πŸ˜€

7 September 2017

FLORENCE We traveled to Florence to get that winning shot by the leaning tower of Pisa and eat gelato and that's what we did. The tour had a competition to see who could get the most interesting shot with the tower so the competition was on! Our tour mascot Gnomeo was in most of the photos but Jayme, Bek and I wanted something more classical and tired to get a nice shot leaning against the tower well that didn't work so we took inappropriate photos of the tower looking like a penis instead πŸ˜€ We ate our weight in gelato and saw some beautiful buildings which I don't remember any of the names too but once again it was either a church and somewhere someone buried in a massive big building. All in all it was a great day.

6 September 2017

NICÉ AND MONACO Today we traveled from Switzerland to Nicé and it took us forever!! A 5 hour trip took 12 hours because there was an accident on the freeway but we made it. The hostel was huge probably on of the biggest ones so far. We had a group dinner then most people went to a karaoke bar and sang the night away. Me on the other hand stayed in and went to the gym. I was hoping I could sweat out the crappy cold I had caught. The next morning we got up early for a walking tour to hear all about dead people who lost their heads. Europe was terrible back in the day. Bek was dying from a terrible hangover and Jayme didn't have sneakers so we bailed on the tour and went shopping instead. Later the night we got all dolled up and went to Montie Carlo Casino. People in Monaco are so rich there were fancy cars and big boats everywhere. A girl from the hood does not belong in a place like that haha a couple of the boys won big and we were off heading back to our hostel in Nicé.

4 September 2017

SWITZERLAND Free day at Switzerland so a group of us caught a two hour train ride to the snowy mountains. The train ride was terrible I felt so sick the whole way. My knees were jiggly, eyes were blurry and my head was spinning. Altitude sickness sucked!! But the adrenaline kicked in and I pushed through it. With the help of Jayme guiding me and chocolate of course. Seeing snow for the first time was magical I was beyond excited I threw a snowball at Jayme πŸ˜€ There was an avalanche so we couldn't go on the zip line or do any winter sports but I still got to see snow and have a little play in it. Massive bucket list ticker βœ… after playing in the snow we went to the Ice Castle and of course I got a little too excited and wanted to slide like a penguin and stacked it. Jayme was too busy laughing at me to help but my lovely new friends from the trip helped. I don't know what hurt more my bum from falling or stomach from laughing so much. Today was amazing!! I'll be sad to leave tomorrow

3 September 2017

SWITZERLAND Goodbye Paris hello Switzerland it was a 9 hour drive to Switzerland and when we got there it was well worth the travel! We stayed in lodges with a waterfall outside our window. We could see snowy mountains from a distance and beautiful greenery for miles. All the houses were little wood cottages and the town was tiny. Dinner was amazing! We had a group dinner cooked by the lovely crew at TopDeck then went to the pub for a few drinks. Nice early night in layers of clothes ready for our day tomorrow.
PARIS Second day at Disneyland we were up nice and early to try beat the lines. That did not work it was packed as soon as it opened. We spent the day shopping, going on rides, taking pictures and of course lining up. We only went on two rides the lines were so long and Jayme and I were feeling a little jet lagged. The day was still magical and everything was beautiful and big. I went on this ride called The Tower of Terror. It was AMAZING! Jayme made it all the way to the top then did the walk of shame and left me to go on the ride by myself. It was one of those falling rides. I'm glad Jayme bailed. I think she might of had a heart attack if she stayed on. Kids were coming off crying, old people were holding their chest and I came out with a massive smile. Jayme and I got so lost coming home. It took us 45 minutes to get out of the metro it was scary and stressful. We were so happy to finally make it to our hotel even if there were Army people with guns outside 😐
PARIS Second day in Paris and it's off to Disneyland, I was sooo excited and couldn't wait to get there. Jayme and I caught the metro to Disneyland and it was huge and confusing it took us about 30 minutes to make it through the station and find where we had to go but we made it to Disneyland. The feeling was indescribable all my dreams had come true and I was about to walk through the gates of Disneyland heaven but somehow the people who organised our tickets made a mistake and they weren't there. Jayme and I were devo. It was so frustrating and the language barrier made it worse but 3 hours later and a phone call back home to my travel agent and it was sorted. We finally walked through the gates of Disneyland πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ First stop was food! We were starving and a little hangry once we ate all the excitement kicked in and we were off to find Mickey ears. The lines were an hour long because of school holidays. We spent 12 hours at Disneyland and were exhausted by the end of it.

2 September 2017

PARIS Today was our free day so Jayme, our roommate Sara and I went off on our adventure we were meant to go with the group but we missed the bus haha We saw the Notre Dame aka a huge church where dead people we buried 😐 the glass windows were spectacular and sooo detailed. Jayme and I caught up with Pennie for lunch we walked for hours trying to find something and finally ended at this lovely cafe where the man kept hitting on us asking to take us home 🀒 yuck!! We spent the afternoon exploring the streets of Paris we climbed 600 stairs to see the Arc De Triomphe and took amazing photos of the scenery and Eiffle Tower. It was time for Pennie and i to say our goodbyes and Jayme and I went of a river cruise taking in all Paris has to offer. We were meant to go to a show with the group but it took us ages to find our way home so we paid a man on a bike to take us to the closest metro.

1 September 2017

PARIS Today's the day we join our tour but first we had to sort our lives out, back our bags and send all our things we brought in Disneyland home so we weren't over our 20kg limit for the tour. Well it was going to cost us $85 to send 2.5kgs of stuff home. After everything was packed we tried to tell the man we didn't want to go through because it was so expensive but he had no idea what we were saying. Luckily someone translated for us. We joined our tour around 5pm and went up to our hostel with our new roommate well the rooms were tiny!!!! 2 bunkbeds and nowhere to put our belongings. Welcome to living in Hostels for the next 27 days. We went on a lovely picnic near the Eiffle Tower with our group and I ate snails and frog legs 🀒 the weather was pretty crappy so we went back to the hostel and had some drinks while we meet everyone.

28 August 2017

First long flight wasn't so bad I had the window seat and the first few hours went fast. At around the 5 hour mark I started feeling really sick and went as white as a ghost! I threw up numerous times but tried rushing back to my seat because there was turbulence and I knew Jayme would be having a slight heart attack. I slept for most of the flight after that and finally arrived at PARIS!!!! First day in Paris was scary there were Army people at the airport with massive guns. Jayme was freaking and I was starting to reconsider the trip. We couldn't find our driver but a lovely Australian couple helped us. The driver was crazy worse than Bali I though we were going to die but we finally made it to our hotel and were fast asleep by 0730pm.