New Zealand · 13 Days · 40 Moments · March 2015

New Zealand 2015

8 April 2015

Going home now but we will always remember our amazing trip to New Zealand! We did so many things, even things I didn't include. Best trip ever!

7 April 2015

Went zip lining with the Whitakers yesterday on ZipTrek Tours. With 6 amazing zip lines, tricks like going upside down, and the steepest zip line in the world, it was soo amazing!!

5 April 2015

Went on a great 2 hour hike with the Whitakers after jet boating and lunch. It was apparently 350 meters up, but it seemed like more. Overall it was a pretty walk though, through a forest surrounded by mountains.
We went jet boating, which was so fun!! Dylan and Emmett sat in the front with the driver, the moms, Becca and I sat in the second row, and the dads sat in the back. Everyone had an awesome time!!!
After a delicious breakfast, we continued to play hide and go seek tag in front of our houses. Becca and I are in an alliance and we even have an app that tracks us for the other person. Unfortunately, Emmett was bitten by a wasp 3 times(!), but he was pretty tough about it. Getting ready for jet boating now! We also played hunger games!! Kira won the big game, which took about 2 hours. It was super fun!!

4 April 2015

After and during dinner in our nice hotel we played riddle-like games such as The Green Glass Doors, Black Magic, and The Man on The Moon. Another great day! β₯
Went on a luge and it was so fun! The kids went 5 times, sometimes with the parents, sometimes not. It was a stunning view in the gondola ride up and down and we even met up with some of the cast of the movie Jim is working on, Petes Dragon (a 10 and 12 year old), and they seemed really nice! After the luge, we got ice cream and headed back down to sea level.
Staying next to the Whitakers...We met up at a restaurant called Prime on the water earlier!
Saw a rainbow on the drive to Queenstown. πŸŒˆβ˜”οΈ

3 April 2015

Stayed at a little house last night. We had some cheese (found out that Mom loves Danish feta!) and chicken and we talked about the dangers of our glacier walk. Seeing the Whitakers in a few hours!
Ate a quick lunch at the Old Mountaineers Cafe, which Charlie owns. It's Good Friday so everything is 15% more. :(
Amazing helihike on the glacier today! Both helicopter rides were great and the glacier was incredible (and huge)! We went near ice caves and even saw a couple avalanches from afar. We all loved it!
About to to on the helicopter! The first group already went up with Charlie, our guide. The second picture is the tiny airport...Super excited!

2 April 2015

Took an amazing hike on the Sealy Tarns Trail near Mount Cook! It supposedly had about 2,000 steps and was a real workout. Mom went up with us then went down a little early and met us at the bottom. It was so pretty and had a view of the glacier, mountains, wide grassy plains, and these two green lakes. A great hike to add to the collection! Afterward all four of us had burgers at the Old Mountaineer Cafe then went to a screening of a short film about Mount Cook. Next, after a few squares of Whittaker chocolate, we're ready for a good night sleep.
Stopped at a breath-taking lookout point. The water is so blue! Mom and Dad are still trying to find out the secret of The Green Glass Doors! ;)
We stop at a scenic church for only a couple minutes (because it's closed) on the bank of Lake Tekapo after almost 4 hours of driving.

1 April 2015

After a nice breakfast and another round of the obstacle course Dylan made up, were on our way.
At Pete's Farm Stay near Rangiora. We fed alpacas and sheep, as well as seeing a dog herd the sheep to be sheared. Then we saw Pete shear a lamb! After relaxing for a bit, we had an amazing dinner of lamb, steak, chicken, and more. For dessert a piece of chocolate cake. Afterward, Dad, Dylan, and I tried to play some rugby. Overall, another great day!
At a different winery to have a bite to eat. We're all scheming about pretending to be not American one day at a restaurant.
The parents enjoy some wine in the hills of New Zealand.
We wait outside as Mom and Dad taste some wine.🍷
After a car trip and a stop at a play structure where we spun our hearts out until we almost literally got sick, we walked around at Pegasus Bay Winery.

31 March 2015

Another amazing dinner at L'hotel. πŸ˜‹
Another beautiful hike❀️😯 We drove on this narrow road from the "Duvacelle Hotel." It's been a really fun day!
Just got back from a 7 mile kayak trip where we saw dolphins and a penguin! The dolphins came really close and are a special type of endangered dolphins unique to New Zealand. We're really tired now but we're thinking of going to the "Giant House." Pulling into L'Abri, our B&B now. πŸ˜„πŸ˜΅β˜ΊοΈ

30 March 2015

After coming home to the B&B and talking to Jane's friends for a bit, we drove into town and ate dinner at a cute little place called the Little Bistro. It was really great and Dylan and I ordered the lamb, which was sooo good! They're going to be switching ownership soon. πŸ˜”
Breath-taking hike!
On the road to Akaroa with L&P, a New Zealand drink the Whitakers introduced us to.
Just left the Antarctic Centre, which was a couple minute walk from the airport. There we saw Little Blue Penguins, learned about Antartica, and went in an Antarctic simulation. It got down to 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit! Now we're trying to navigate the roads of New Zealand on the other side of the road...
Wellington was super windy! About to land on the South Island...

29 March 2015

Also yesterday, at the top of the hike, we took pictures at a canon, saw the "Eiffel Tower" and an awesome view, then played and rolled down a huge hill for a while. Afterward, though we were pretty itchy and tired, we went to a museum for a little bit.
We saw Becca, Emmett, and Chris yesterday in Wellington, and went on a hike with them. After a good dinner, we went to their school and played on the slide and also played tag.
On the flight to Wellington...Almost to the Whitakers!!
Finally on the runway! :)
Mom and I watch the Imitation Game together. (We played them at the same time on our screens...) By the end of it, we were both teared up and it was a great movie. Almost ready to land!
We'll be starting to land in about an hour. Dads still feeling quite sick, but we've all been using our screens to watch things. (I cropped myself out of the picture)
Took a shuttle to our plane and dad had to check his bag...
We're all trying to sleep...well the kids at least. The parents were out ages ago.

27 March 2015

Dylan and dad messing around at the airport. πŸ˜‚
Driving to the airport!