Thailand · 1 Days · 1 Moment · August 2016

Jay Steele

King Steelo's voyage in Thailand

5 August 2016

The photos taken are from the last 5 weeks and are just a few that range from view points of koh phi phi to the fuckeries and debauched actions of the full moon party, all the way to the jungle trek up in Chiang mai and even a fucking super strong cigarette wrapped in a tobacco leave which almost blew my dam lungs out along with the fucking bed(if it can even be called that) which I slept on on the trek. Also a nice picture of passed out buddies, big Buddha statue and my first live Muay Thai fight. The money is what I'm currently surviving on - 6 days before I fly to Australia! Il worry about that when I get there. Keep up to see how the story unfolds