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new beginning

16 September 2017

Wow, that does sound like such a challenge you'll get to overcome! But the best growth happens when we are uncomfortable and I'm excited for everything you'll get to learn through this process. I really appreciate you bringing me along in your journey through this app. I enjoy reading your stories. Thankful you have a job and thankful it's with such a great program. - Rae

15 September 2017

9•15•17 My greatest challenge will be thriving in my current role as a "Floating Site Director." A Floating Site Director is like a substitute for after school care Site Directors. It will be really hard to develop relationship with the sites I float to & it will be a constant cycle of "plant, water, grow, uproot" in such a short amount of time. As you may know, my personality is very much a "seed, time, harvest" personality, in other words I like to take my time to develop relationships. Being authoritative, making relationship, & making a difference will be where the challenge lies with me. When someone asks me a question & I start answering it & the conversation gets interrupted, it's extremely hard for me to pick up where I left & finish the conversation. In the same way I believe my challenge will be picking up where I left, starting over, & continuing a job in a place where I have no familiarity. I moved around growing up & I had to learn to adjust, it's just 1 more thing right?
9•15•17 Have you ever been the new kid in school & felt the overwhelming pressures of a fresh start? Well, today, I guess you could say I had a similar day. Most of my time in the am was spent learning from video tutorials on what is the legal TX definition of child abuse/neglect & when it is appropriate to report it via hotline or on their website. I received my schedule for next week, I filled out more paperwork, (workers comp. papers) traveled to new places, met new faces, & shadowed a successful Site Director. Although it felt overwhelming at times, I was never neglected. In fact many times I wanted to hide from all the attn. There was a lot I experienced today. "KIN" is a great program. It is the most structured/free after school program I've seen. These kids are held to a high standard behaviorally & and also they choose a yr long community service project that they want to participate in for cultural awareness, community awareness, & growing outside of their everyday bubble. 👍?
WYNTON DAVID CARTER I am SO excited for you and sincerely so proud of you. I know this is only the beginning and God has so much in store for you in this season of your life. You continue to be so faithful to persevere in this time in the "desert". I'm so excited that you've been linked to such a great district and what seems like an excellent job! Thank you for sharing this with me. I enjoy rejoicing with you in the big and little victories in your life and I look forward to watching how God continues to lead and guide you. You're so special Wynton and I'm thankful I get to be in your corner cheering you on!! Gods got mind blowing plans in store for you...you just WAIT!! - Rae :)
9•14•17 Finally, I believe I have found the first crucial piece to my every day work here in SA. On the 14th we went over a vast amount of paperwork, benefits packages, where to go to correct payroll mistakes & I met some people in the process. I'm very proud & honored to be apart of NEISD, one of, if not the best school district in the city. The day started at 7am & I drove over to orientation that started @ 9am. For about a couple hours we went over the history of NEISD. A volunteer active school district, NEISD logged 14,221 volunteers in 17', saving the district over $9 million, 394,721 hours of volunteer hours 😲. And out of 4,765 graduates 4,145 went on to further their education. Then we went into payroll info, lunch & then benefits talk. I received my ID card at the end of the day & I met some administrators that will be in charge of my money and job placement. Overall it was interesting and it's encouraged excitement for this time while working at NEISD. 😆🤙🏾