United States of America · 11 Days · 57 Moments · June 2017

Cape Cod 2017

8 July 2017

Day nine. We had a great free breakfast in the hotel in their club room. We got upgraded since it wasn't a busy week at the hotel. We drove to the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts. We saw the Matisse exhibit first. It was centered around the objects in his studio and how they inspired him and appeared in his work. There were many beautiful textile pieces. Next we had lunch in the garden cafeteria. We walked over to the Gardener museum and did a guided tour that told us some history and highlights of the collection. I was much more impressed with the museum this time. I just loved the courtyard and the Spanish tiles off the courtyard. Delilah really liked it because it was more like a house and had the intrigue of the theft. We left around 5:00 pm to go back to the MFA. We saw the Botticelli exhibit and the impressionist painting. I also saw a revival jewelry exhibit. We went back to the hotel and enjoyed appetizers in the club room that served as our dinner. We watched some tv and packed

5 July 2017

Monets and impressionist paintings at the MFA
Isabella Stuart Gardener museum. Really impressed this time. The courtyard was just beautiful!!
Matisse exhibit at the Boston museum of fine arts

4 July 2017

Day eight. We had to pack up and leave the house by 10:00 am. We got out by 10:30. We went to Bass Hole Boardwalk and had a great time with the girls on the boardwalk watching the osprey nest and crabs. The water was just beautiful! We tried to drive to downtown Barnstable but missed it and ended back in Hyannis. I found the restaurant The Daily Paper which was great! We stopped at Starbucks and then drove to Boston. We arrived at our hotel around 4:30. We checked in and relaxed for a while. We walked around Cambridge seeing the church my parents were married in and the building my mom lived in when she dated my dad. We came back to the hotel for dinner.
Walking around Cambridge. I love the colors in the slate and the gold rooster weathervane.
The building my mom lived in when she dated my dad.
The church my parents were married in and I was dedicated in.
The restaurant we had lunch in The Daily Paper had interesting paintings on the bathroom doors and back hall. We had a great lunch of monte christo sandwichs and breakfast.
Bass Hole beach. We took rocks from the kindness project. Neat idea!
The lake our house was on
Day seven. Costello family is leaving to drive home. So they pack up. I take the kids to mini golf at Wild Animal Lagoon. We meet up for lunch at the harbor. Have a very New England style lunch. We come back to the house. Take pictures and say goodbye. The rest of us go to a beach near Sandwich that has nice boardwalks. It was very hot. Since I was so sunburnt I stayed covered up. Then we went to the movies. Lilli and I saw 47 Meters Down. Tim and Delilah saw Despicable Me 3 and Gwendy, M&D saw Baby Driver. Fun oldish theater. We came back to the house to pack and have dinner. We saw some impressive fireworks from the dock. Sad with half the group gone.
The house we stayed in.

3 July 2017

Fireworks from the dock
Top neck beach
The cousins
Pretty hair
Lunch in the harbor
Mini golf

2 July 2017

Day six. We spent a great day hanging out on the dock. Lilli did some fishing. Tam and I floated on rafts/tubes. Tim and Matt did some synchronized swimming. The kids made obstacle courses out of the tubes. Tim made us a great chicken pasta salad out of leftovers. Lilli and Abby slowly drove the jet ski around our inlet. I got very sun burnt. Gwendy and my dad went to a bakery for breakfast treats. Then Gwendy hung out with us in the lake. For dinner we went to Portside Tavern. It was excellent!! I had a wonderful heirloom tomato salad and cod with squash marmalade that was the best fish I have ever had. Wonderful last meal!
Abby's hair braiding
Lilli driving the jet ski
Relaxing on the lake.
The house we stayed in.
Fishing on the lake

1 July 2017

Day Five We stayed mostly around the house today. Tim saw a hydro plane land on the lake. The kids tubed in the morning then my sister and I rode the jet ski around the lake. It is a very big lake compared to our lake. We ate lunch at the house. Then the six parents left to walk some boardwalks. We went to Bass Hole boardwalk. The tide was low. We saw an osprey, crabs, and many people fishing for crabs. It was very windy and Mom ended up losing her visor. We talked a nice man into using his fishing pole 🎣 to catch it. After about 10-20 minutes he did! It started raining so we left. M&D drove back and we drove around to see other beaches. We had a smorgasbord for dinner to eat up our food. Then we went out for ice cream. Tim, Gwendy, Lilli and I did a quick run to Kohl's for underwear and Descendants 2 clothes for Delilah. We had ice cream in Hyannis and look in some shops. We bought sweat shirts and jewelry and magic sequined pouches. Very fun! Delilah started her period.
We drove to see the other side of the peninsula and the beaches. Maybe Bass River beach
Mom lost her visor into the marsh so a nice man used his fishing pole to get it back.
Rainbow Bass Hole boardwalk
M&D, Tam & Matt and Tim & I went to Grey beach or Bass Hole boardwalk to walk the boardwalk. Many people were catching crabs.
Tam and I on the jet ski cruising around the lake.
Cooper got very muddy trying to run away.
Geese on the lake and a hydro plane landing on the lake.

30 June 2017

Lilli's wrap around braid done by Abigail.
Enjoying a traditional Brazilian BBQ dinner.
Day four We were supposed to stay at the house today but it was really windy so went for a bike ride. We drove to the rental spot then biked 7 miles to Chatham. Most of the time we were on a dedicated bike trail that was very pretty. In Chatham we got lunch at this interesting restaurant that served sandwiches and Indian food. My Italian chicken sandwich was very good. We walked around the town and got ice cream from the same place as before because they took credit cards and we had no cash. The ride back was torture for me! My legs were like jelly and my stomach too full. Tim and Delilah stayed with me but it took forever to get back. I had to walk the bike at every uphill section. We arrived back by 5:00 pm in tie to shower and dress for dinner. It is Tammy's birthday so we went to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner. The gaucho's came around with different types of barbecue meats they cut off for you. I just ate the salad bar. There was a great chicken salad and squash soup.
Day three we tried to get an early start. We drove to Provincetown for lunch. It took an hour and a half. Tam's dog Cooper ended up coming with up so we had to eat at an outdoor cafe. We had to be at three different tables but the food was great. We spent the rest of the afternoon looking through the shops. I bought three visors, one has cooling crystals in the headband. The girls got sweatshirts and so did I. Gwendy went to a Portuguese bakery to get breakfast treats. We drove over to the sand dunes to see the ocean. We saw multiple groups of seals near the shore. The girls found lots of shells and rocks for me to make jewelry out of. On our drive home we just had Delilah with us so we stopped for ice cream at Ben and Jerry's.
Our bike ride into Chatham at back

29 June 2017

A windmill we saw on our drive back.
The beach, seeing seals and throwing rocks
Tims bookstore
Walking down the street shopping
Where we had lunch. We had to sit at three different table so we could have the dog.
A glass nipple shield, Brest pump and bottle. I bought a blown glass ornament and glass ring. We got ice cream at shipwreck ice cream stand. Very good. Then we drove back.
Lilli's pretty hair
Day two I went for a walk and got lost. Had to use my phone to find my way back. We went to Sandwich Heritage museum and gardens. There was an adventure park that Tim and Matt took the kids to. It was a combo of ropes course and zip lining. Delilah got suck on the ropes and had to be rescued. She gave up then. Lilli fell on the rolling logs. All and all they had a great time. M&D Tam and I toured the museums and gardens. We saw vintage cars, the antique carousel and the beautiful gardens. As we were walking around I realized I had been there before in 2008 with just my family. That was the trip mom broke her ankle. The four of us went to a nice lunch with no noisy children. I had the most famous sandwich in Sandwich a lobster grilled cheese. I decided I don't like lobster after all. After lunch we went to the glass museum and saw a glass blowing demo. Very cool! I would love to learn someday. The most interesting thing to see was in the women's bathroom.

28 June 2017

Fish Tim caught
Ice cream shack
Our lunch spot and glass blowing demo.
Tim and Matt took the kids zip lining
Getting ready to zip line
Day one We. Slept in adjusting to the time change. The kids did some fishing off the dock. We drove the long way to Chatham for lunch. We ate at a super cute restaurant. I had a great chicken salad sandwich that had maple and cinnamon in the mayo dressing. It was fabulous! We walked around the cute town. The park had a display of painted sharks. Different artistes painted the sharks and they will be auctioned off later this summer. It is a celebration for the great white sharks that summer off the coast of Cape Cod. I bought a new Tervis cup that has a screw on lid that flips open, decorated with pink anchors. We had ice cream and then drove to lighthouse beach. We walked along the beach collecting rocks and shells and hoping to see sharks. We maybe saw a seal. We drove around a bit looking at big houses and then came back to the house. The kids were going to tube but Matt and Alexander lost the safety key to the jet ski so it would not start. We spent time planning a zip line trip

27 June 2017

The Lake our house is on.
Delilah's beach art
Lighthouse beach
Sharks in the park art exhibition