Australia and Oceania, North America · 18 Days · 13 Moments · September 2017

Kim's tour through United States of America

4 October 2017

30 September 2017

Lots of swimming and snorkelling with an excellent night snorkel with manta rays on Saturday night. Monday night we embraced the slightly cheesy lu'au experience and both Polly and Chris ended up on stage dancing in separate occasions. We made friends with couples from San Diego and Massachusetts.

28 September 2017

Well our airbnb at Waikalo is lovely. We made our way from the volcano national park on Wednesday, stopping off at rainbow falls and Hilo on the way and Chris managed to score an expensive speeding fine as we drove past Mauna Kea. We've just been dagging around swimming, snorkelling, playing tennis and watching cable TV. We get a pass to use the Hilton pools so headed over there today to hang out. It's a bit like Disneyland - there are dolphins (I priced how much it would cost for our family to swim with them for 45 minutes - $1500 - yikes!), And a saltwater lagoon with reef fish and turtles! We've been giving the first aid kit a work out. Phoebe badly gashed her for on rocks snorkelling yesterday and Chris bagged his head on our glass dining table corner sitting up after tying his jogging shoes. There's been blood everywhere and it's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works as Phoebe can't walk!!

26 September 2017

The girls and I packed up or hotel room and cabbed it out to find Chris at Honolulu airport and hung out with him for a couple of hours before traveling to the Big Island. Or trip was complicated by the need to find a notary and send some documents to the US mainland so we saw some bits of Kona (including a notary's house and UPS) That we weren't expecting. The notary sent me on my way with her home grown 🥑🍋. We did a massive shop and drove about 2.5 hours across to the volcano national park. Our airbnb in Volcano is lovely and rustic - we headed out to see the glow of the volcano after dinner. Today we've done a guided bike tour around the caldera and did a big drive and hike before home for yoga in our glass room. All V tired.

24 September 2017

Honolulu! Caught an eleven hour flight from JFK yesterday to get in at 3 pm hawaii time (9pm in new York). We had an early dinner and a swim at our (very average) hotel before early to bed. We've spent most of today at Waikiki beach ⛱ and the pool, just relaxing before we head to the Big Island tomorrow.

22 September 2017

Today we headed over to Brooklyn - first to Greenpoint where I got excellent coffee and we made friends with French bulldogs, and then to DUMBO for a ride on the carousel and an 🍦from the Brooklyn icecream company and a look around an open air photography exhibition called Photosville before walking over the Brooklyn bridge back to Manhattan before our last subway ride back to our accommodation. We head out early tomorrow to fly to Hawaii.

21 September 2017

Thursday - quiet day after our crazy day. Mostly hanging out close to the apartment. I did make it to the museum of arts and design in the evening which was a bit Cray -cray.

20 September 2017

After our shopping extravaganza, we slept in late and then headed up to buy discount theatre tickets at the Lincoln centre. Then we subway-ed it to midtown and checked out the New York Public library & Bryant park (where Polly & Phoebe took part in some free juggling lessons). Paul's friend had left a restaurant voucher for us in the apartment so we used that to eat at a very flash Japanese restaurant for lunch. We checked out Grand central station before heading over to Chelsea to look at the Chelsea markets and stroll along the High line before an early dinner at a diner. Our plan was to quickly head back and change before our show but it became quickly apparent as we were shoved into the subway car like sardines that we'd run out of time so we jumped off at times square and I DID NOT LOSE ANY OF THE CHILDREN IN THE MADNESS. I must have looked a little anxious - a big black spruiker said to me "hey lady, it will be alright". We made it to the theatre in time to see Anastasia.👍🏻🗽

19 September 2017

The weather on Tuesday was meant to be rainy and miserable so we walked 12 blocks to the port authority bus station and caught a bus to the Woodbury common outlet mall in New Jersey - the girls (especially the big highschool ones) had specific US shipping desires and I thought they'd do less damage there. It was a lovely day - the girls have been excellent company and we were lucky with the weather, our timing, the Groupon vouchers I'd purchased online for the bus fare etc. Arrived back to teeming rain ☔️ in Manhattan and so purchased MetroCards for the subway (with a surprising nice and helpful interaction with a metro employee [this has never happened before] - Phoebe is still little enough to swing under the turnstiles without a ticket) and headed home via wholefoods. Haven't been watching any news here but sounds like trump is blustering at the UN Assembly.

18 September 2017

Big sleep in today! Hurricane José is off the east coast of the US affecting New York's weather - tomorrow is meant to be disgusting - so we headed out and hired bikes to cycle around Central Park. Phoebe was a little trouper because (due to poor map reading skills) we cycled to the absolute north of Central Park.

17 September 2017

Finally. Arrived in NY after delay taking off at LAX so about an hour late, only to find it's United nations week in Manhattan so heaps of streets cordoned off for security - it worked out being about an hour and a half drive from the airport. So Trump is in town. And maybe we can hang out with some visiting dignitaries? Late dinner out and a big shop at wholefoods for groceries.

16 September 2017

After arriving in Los Angeles to have our fears confirmed: yes, Qantas had cancelled our LA-NY flight, the girls and I discovered we couldn't get on another flight for 24 hours. So we've been put up at an airport hotel, and after checking in we headed out early to have a look around Santa Monica beach and pier. The girls had a great time at the fun park on the pier and after lunch we walked along the beach towards Venice beach. I had grand plansof us catching an uber to Hollywood boulevard but my phone was running out of charge and we were out of steam so headed back to the hotel for a swim. Very early dinner this evening with our meal vouchers and early to bed. We'll miss seeing groundhog day on Broadway tomorrow because of this 😩.

16 September 2017

Just about to take off! But have just found out or LA-NY flight had been cancelled😩. So may be stranded in LA.