Australia · 1 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

Kim's tour through Australia

6 September 2017

½ hour walk. Plus lots of incidental with campaign work. Will check steps count on phone later.
Today was difficult to say the least, although I did wake up feeling enthused enough to go for a walk, which I recorded on map my run. I then did another 15 min walk straight after that but didn't record it as phone ran out of juice. I had bacon, egg and avocado for breakfast. And ACV in warm water upon rising ( a daily ritual). Felt very emotional when the group finished and promptly cried all the way to the territory, feeling like I didn't want to go out as I would have to explain myself. But I went and stayed out until the afternoon. Felt much better, apart from the fact I've lost my new prescription sunglasses in the process. Grr. Lunch was out with the friends inbetween campaign work and calls. It was a Vietnamese chicken roll with lots of chilli on it. It was devoured and didn't touch the sides. Yes, I admit to having a little nod when I got home. Emotionally wrung out. I woke up and had to finish off the English Cadbury Chocolate. But it's all gone now. So no more temptation.
Ketogenic breakfast of bacon, egg and avocado. Lunch was a Vietnamese chicken roll.