United States of America · 2 Days · 16 Moments · September 2017

Pacific Grove Monterey Sept 2017

4 September 2017

They are remodeling the plaza!
Monday Sept 4 We had to be out by 11 so I went for a short walk. Still saw otters and seals. After packing up we took Mom down to see the otters. Dad got lost. We went into Carmel for lunch at the French restaurant. Mom still wasn't feeling great so they went home right after lunch. Lilli Delilah and I went to the bakery to buy treats for Tim and Dad. Then we drove home hitting lots of traffic. We got home just in time for Lilli's volleyball practice. A short but fun weekend.
Sunday Sept 3 My walk was much less hot today. There was some cloud cover. We went into Carmel for lunch. We ate at the Treehouse which used to be the upstairs Italian restaurant we loved. Dad had Greek food, lilli Thai curry, me salmon ravioli and mom beef stroganoff. Mom got violently ill from food poisoning we think so I drove M&D back to the house leaving the girls in Carmel. Mom was very funny trying not to have diarrhea all over the car. I went back to Carmel to shop with the girls. We went to the bakery, candy store, 2 sisters designs and other favorites. I tried to talk them into going to the beach but Lilli wanted to go to Target to buy a new phone case. I made her drive back. Lilli did homework. Dad and I watched a movie on Netflix The Drowning. Mom stayed in bed.
Saturday Sept 2 I did my walk M&D slept in. We went to Safeway to buy lunch for eating at the beach. It was super hot 94 degrees! M&D got so hot they sat in the car with the ax full blast. Delilah set up her tent and banished all the sand so she could read. Lilli and I built a sand castle with her special tools. She even made a staircase. I finally talked her into skim boarding. She got hot and then got wet fully dressed. We went back to the house around 6:00 pm stopping at Safeway again to get pizzas for dinner. I worked on my earrings a day ecourse Lilli did homework and watched a movie together. Mom fell asleep so she left us. We watched The Finest Hour. Delilah watched If the shoe fits in her room.
Cute car in Carmel
Looking out into the ocean. We saw seals, otters and pelicans.
The downstairs of the house.

3 September 2017

We stopped at Target to get Lilli a new phone case and look at the super cute play trailer they have! Why didn't this exist when my kids were little?
Shopping in downtown Carmel
The upstairs rooms of the house we stayed in.
The restaurant we ate lunch at and gave Mom horrible food poisoning. The Treehouse restaurant. It was where our favorite upstairs Italian restaurant used to be.
Friday Sept 1 We left for the coast after Lilli's volleyball practice. Tim stayed home to work. We got off around 7:00 pm. Lilli drove until we stopped for dinner. We ate at Dos Coyotes at the Willows. I drove the rest of the way. We got in around 10:30 pm. The house we are staying at is nice. It is very close to Lovers Point in Pacific Grove. The master bedroom is upstairs along with another bedroom the there are two bedrooms down stairs. The main tv room is also upstairs very strange. Mom and Dad arrived late after flying in from New Hampshire.
The coastline I walked along in the mornings.

2 September 2017

Lilli skim boarding It was so hot that Lilli ended up getting fully wet.
Delilah joined us in sand castle building.
Finally Lili uses her Christmas present. A sand castle building kit!