Europe, Africa · 26 Days · 75 Moments · December 2017

The G clan winter adventure 2017

3 January 2018

Last leg of our journey. Gothenburg is greeting us with light rain, snow and 1 degree C. ❄️🌧💦💨 The girls are delighted to be home soon.

2 January 2018

Going home!
A day in January we went to the museum, the shopping mall and the pub. Then we took the train back to the hotel.
Croydon museum
Day two year 2018 in Croydon

1 January 2018

From 31 degrees to 3 in twelve hours! Too cold for my liking.

31 December 2017

Happy new year 2018

30 December 2017

Evening and morning
I will miss the afternoon rain, the breeze at dinner time, the sweat pouring When going for a walk. The wonderful people, sega and everything else.
Näst sista dagen 😱
Lazy day

29 December 2017

The afternoon rain pooring down. Playing cards and drinking Martin made sangria!
Todays reflections: 1. I was definetely born in the wrong climate 2. I dont want to go home 3. Why do all russian men at our hotel look exactly the same? 4. I have never eaten so much vegetables inmynna whole life 5. I despice people who look down on hotel staff that is doing there best to make you have a great holiday 6. The more exoensive the hotels are, the thinner the women. I thought they served lovely food there! Take care of each other! Lots of love from us ❤️💕❤️

28 December 2017

Swimming in the sunset
Took a walk along the beach. Past luxury hotel St Regis and Lux le Morne and came to a wonderful stretch of sand and crystal clear water.

27 December 2017

Life is a beach
First rain, then sun.

26 December 2017

Hanging in the bar listening to Kevin singing great covers
RIU art with teacher Arvin. Painting acrylics!

25 December 2017

Pooring down with rain, and then sun. Sunset! The family didnt last and abandoned the mother of the family while the sun set in the Indian ocean. You can never see too many sunsets in a lifetime.
Merry Christmas. Today we are resting by the pool😀

24 December 2017

Merry Christmas
Gala dinner
Christmas! ☃️🎄🎁
Working to keep the beach clean. Thank you 🙏🏽

23 December 2017

Nighttime 💃🕺🏻
What kind of bird is this?
Saturday morning. Breakfast and then the beach. 🏝☀️😀

22 December 2017

There can never be too many pictures of the sunset
Getting ready for the evening💕🥂💕🍾🎉
Good morning! Today we are expecting thunder storms coming in from Madagaskar.

21 December 2017

China town, food market, Christmas spirit in 32 degrees. Construction workers breaking up for holiday getting presents from global construction: almanack for 2018 and a bottle of rum.
A day in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius.
Market in port Louis

20 December 2017

Reading a book every day! Holiday!

19 December 2017

Fantastic evening!
Good morning world! We dont move much. Breakfast, swim, read and play switch, lunch, swim, read and play switch, watch sunset, have dinner. Watch show and then bed. Life is tough! 🥂❤️😉 Right now its 30 degrees. And yet it doesnt feel as hot as when we came and it was 27. We have AC in the room and with 22 degrees it feels chilly. Amazing how the body can adapt.

18 December 2017

Evening in paradise
Selfie and the view from our room
33 degrees. Cloudy and a lovely breeze. Poolside today.

17 December 2017

Even in paradise snakes are lurking. This persons brain malfunctioned in the heat when he, or she, threw batteries on the beach. And who wants to listen to ”I of the tiger” when you are swimming in the Indian ocean???
Every our wonderful room maid Nathalie makes the loveliest creations.

16 December 2017

Sunset! Is there anything more bautiful?
Borta bra, väntar med att komma hem till våren.

15 December 2017

Beach day

14 December 2017

Treasures from the shore
Sea, sun and sand.

13 December 2017

If youre ever in Bangalore indian restaurant, be sure to get Umar as the waiter. He will feel like you are the most special guest ever.
Hurra, hurra! Idag är det Mollys födelsedag. 🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂
Trial dive

12 December 2017

Drinks by the pool
Cloudy is good when you have winter skin. 🌥
Hotel RIU Creole
Never ever had flowers and champagne on my bed before ❤️🥂❤️
Everyday a new nice touch in our room. We have the nicest room maid. Nathalie makes everything sparkle.

11 December 2017

Day one
Soon touchdown. Just after nine and its 27 degrees.
We woke just at the right time! Travelling over the equator and meeting the most glorious sunrise. The sun completely red and round. Magical heaven.

10 December 2017

Ready for takeoff
Nu är vi laddade!
In transit

9 December 2017

Drinks on me! At the Beehive.
A day in Crawley
Godmorgon världen. Nu väntar hotellfrukost och vad som ser ut att bli en fin dag.

8 December 2017

Vrålhungriga checkade vi in på Hampton by Hilton. Fint rum, men usel mat i restaurangen.
Norwegian flight DY4441 to London Gatwick is now ready for boarding.