United States of America · 3 Days · 26 Moments · July 2017

Las Vegas 2017

12 July 2017

We all slept in a bit. We packed up and headed to the convention center for Lilli's last game. They finally won! We headed to the strip stopping at the Tervis store. We had lunch at The Rain Forest Cafe. We walked to The Flamingo to see the wildlife habitat. We saw flamingos, pelicans, turtles, koi, sturgeon and many varieties of ducks. It was very hot and we couldn't wait to get back inside the air conditioning! We walked back to the car and drove to park at The Tropicana. We walked to M&M world and the Coke store, spending way too much money. We then hit the road for Anaheim.
The Coke store! So fun. We got icees and a large Diet Coke for me. The girls bought PJ bottoms and I got a Diet Coke back up battery, pen and mason jar glasses.
M&M World. We saw the 3-D movie and the girls bought some M&M's.
The Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel. I loved seeing all the birds but we never found the black swan. It was very hot and the girls were miserable!
Lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe. We haven't been in years. It was fun to relive old memories and make new ones.
Tervis store!! We each bought a new cup. I got a 30 oz stainless steel cup that will keep ice for 24 hours!! I am so excited!!
Lilli pissed at me for taking her picture. I forgot to take one during the game or inside.

11 July 2017

The Paris hotel was beautiful!!
Day two. We went to an owner update at 10:00 am. Tim and Lilli left at 10:45 for her game at noon. Delilah and I stayed at the resort to work on her gifts for Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter. I worked out. We made cards getting our craft on!! We went down to the lazy river and floated away. Delilah got a hot dog meal and me a snack. We ended up buying hot dogs for all of us for dinner. Lilli's team lost their noon game and played again at 3:00. They lost again 😞. They went to Costco to get my prescription and then came back. We ate our hot dogs then headed for the strip. We stopped off at 7-11 for free slurpee day. We parked at Planet Hollywood and walked to the Mirage stopping to see the Bellagio fountain show. We saw the Mirage Volcano erupt then went to see Caesars Palace. We saw the Atlantis Show and aquarium. We got gelato before the show. Yummy!! We walked to the Paris Hotel and heard Sabrina Carpenter's song Thumbs playing on the strip. Delilah wasthrille
Inside the Paris Hotel. The bathroom sinks were just gorgeous!! I made Delilah and Lilli come see them. Delilah loved the Paris hotel and really wants to go to Paris now.
The outside of the Paris hotel
The fountain and stingray in the aquarium. The aquarium was beautiful! Unicorn fish, rays, leopard shark.
The Atlantis fountain show. Water lights and animatronics!
Our gelato we enjoyed while watching the Atlantis fountain show. We shared two. Nutella macadamia nut was the best! Lilli and Tim liked the mango paired with chocolate the best.
Fountains in Caesars Palace.
Mirage volcano eruption show. Very cool! Lilli had many suggestions to improve it. Like having oil on the lake and lighting it all on fire.
Bellagio fountain show a second time. It had different music and was longer. Definitely a different show.

10 July 2017

Day one. Tim had work to do in the morning. He interviewed a candidate for his vice principal position over the phone and made other calls. I worked out in the fitness room. Delilah and I went swimming in the lazy river. We drove to the convention center and dropped Lili off while we went to Vons to get cash. Lilli first basketball game was at 4:00 pm. They lost by a lot. Bummer. Tim had to do another phone interview and then we came back to our condo. We ate dinner and then drove to the strip. We parked at the Venetian and walked around the hotel and shops. We bought and sampled cookies at the Honolulu cookie company. Yummy. Next we walked down the strip to see The Bellagio fountain show. We missed the volcano eruption at The Mirage but loved seeing all the lights and street characters.
The Mirage we missed the volcano show but still very pretty
Bellagio fountain show
The Venetian from outside. Beautiful!
Treasure Island hotel
Love statue in the Pallazio hotel
The grand canal
Inside the Venetian hotel.
Drive day. We left Woodland around 1:00 pm. I had to work at church and it took forever to get packed up. We stopped at a Rubios for lunch in Elk Grove, and in Barstow for dinner. We arrive around 10:30 pm. We hit two big slow downs. One for rubber neckers passing about 20 police cars on a parallel road. We couldn't figure out what the reason was. The second slow down was for goats on the freeway.