Australia, Kiribati · 4 Days · 30 Moments · May 2017

Kim, Ciaran & Ruby's trip to NSW

27 May 2017

26 May 2017

25 May 2017

We saw goats today..and drove through many small towns and lots of hills very pretty.
Someone wss lucky to just get a caution today...ooops he now uses the cruise control like I do. Hahaha Very nice policeman we were coming down a hill, he was coming up the other way.
Kimba at Kimba
Kimba at Kimba
Ruby still waking up for day 3...

24 May 2017

Scenery hasn't changed...but I was a tad..ok very much excited to see 1 emu...a few eagles and 1 Kangaroo hopping.... time zone has changed to South Australia time now hoping to make Ceduna before it's too dark.

23 May 2017

Pit stop for a bite... Norseman..
On the Coolgardie -Esperance Hwy getting close to Norseman
Just under halfway of the first day... and only onto our 3rd CD.. hehe about 70ks out of Coolgardie
Here we go...Sad to say goodbye... Thanks Creighton's Lots of Love xxx