North America, Europe, Africa · 16 Days · 28 Moments · June 2017

Kimberly's voyage to Spain, Morocco, Portugal

8 July 2017

Glasses up!!
Remember that stupid comment about having enough queso and vino?

7 July 2017

I've darn near reached my saturation point of queso and vino. Just kidding. 😋
Hey Welly ladies- this could help with my post vacay detox and extend the staycation by a week.

6 July 2017

It's 4pm in Lisbon. Cheers!

5 July 2017

Grilled sardines, octopus, super rare sirloin, so much delicious wine. 😋

4 July 2017

Soooo much food and wine and gelato and sherry and limoncello in Seville.
Happy 'Merica everyone!! And run fast today, Stephanie! I'm walking around Seville today and trying my best to look like an American tourist. I think I succeeded!

2 July 2017

Cazzablankah beer! We traveled from Marrakech tonCasablanca to Rabat and now in Tangier. Hopping the ferry back to Spain tomorrow. One little hiccup- some kind of natural phenomenon having to do with winds from the Sahara desert may be making the channel impassable tomorrow. Fingers crossed and/or prayers we get on that ferry in the morning!
Brunch is Cazzzzablancah. Yes. McDonalds. Don't judge. It's Sunday morning and it's the only thing open.

1 July 2017

I had my very first hammam experience today. I wish you could see this glow!!
I had breakfast in the Ourika Valley outside Marrakech in a Berber family home. Everything was fresh, grown there and made there. Mint tea, bread made over a fire in the kitchen with fresh butter and their own honey and pressed olive oil.

30 June 2017

Cheers from Marrakech!!
Snake charmers. Monkeys. Boiled sheep's heads. Crazy delicious dinner. Me dancing with a belly dancer and me dancing with a candelabra on my head (which there is photographic evidence of), a horse and carriage ride, dancing with a Moroccan Johnny Castle (who gets this reference?) by the pool at my hotel. I ❤️ Marrakech. More pics to come.

29 June 2017

Pizza with beef, ham, chicken, hot dogs, squid and shrimp.
Fez was ok. The souls in the medina- glad I went but never want to smell it again. 🤢

28 June 2017

Patio goals
Gibraltar. On our way to North Africa!

27 June 2017

This was just dinner. And don't tell anyone but I went to two different restaurants then stopped for gelato. 😳
I'm so unhappy with my hotel. I have to walk all the way past the pool to get to the beach. Oh- and I have to look at hot Spanish men in their speedos.

26 June 2017

Tonight I danced with and drank sangrias with gypsies in a cave.
Toledo is beautiful! Wonderful coexistence of Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures and architecture.

25 June 2017

We went outside of Madrid today to Segovia. The Alcazar of Sedovia is 12th century and is said to be Disney's influence for Cinderella's Castle. The aqueduct is 2000 years old. The Segovia Cathedral is beautiful!! And I couldn't look more like a tourist if I tried.

24 June 2017

And one more salud before I call it a night! I hope my friends have a drink in their hands!

23 June 2017

Obligatory airplane selfie. See ya in Madrid!
What a great Welly send off!!