North America, Europe · 2 Days · 6 Moments · May 2017

Harris Spanish adventure

26 May 2017

Not off to a great start . Couldn't find transportation to hotel ! Finally narrowed it down and instead of a desk (like it said to find ) this is what we were supposed to meet under
Short layover in Newark . Unbelievably Scott ran into his boss from shanghai - he was just transferring planes . I can not believe how small the world is . Left a little late but once again supposed to make it up in the air . Flight to Madrid quite bumpy - oh my favorite ! Watched - eat pray love and tried to sleep a bit . Dinner was ravioli . Not awful / not great . Now having a small breakfast . Croissant and yogurt with coffee at 11:45 pm . - lol. Vacation . Landing in about an hour -hopefully a guy will be standing there with our name in a placard to pick us up to take to hotel when we get out of customs !

25 May 2017

Stopped at klatch to pick up breakfast . They were out of everything - how can you be out of everything already ? Not only were they out of breakfast - but out of lunch stuff too. Oh well we found some things to eat . Picked up a few snacks and headed to gate 77. Plane left a few minutes late but they say we will still make it to Newark in time . We only have 1 hour before our next flight .
Our adventure has begun . We are a party of 4 with 5 suitcases , 3 backpacks , 2 Carry on bags and 2 purses. We look like we are traveling for a month versus 11 days ! Left the house a few minutes late . Traffic was bad once we hit Long Beach even in the carpool lane . Finally made it to the airport - we like to park in quik park just off century blvd. found a spot on the 6th floor and made it down just in time foe a coach leaving . We had all changed our wallets so we were scrounging for too money ! Found 4 bucks in a pocket of my purse . Pweh - dropped off at united terminal without incident . Luckily we are traveling with a world traveler - 1K - so we were able to check in pretty quickly other than Mable the united employee - who is as so as molasses ! We have actually had her before ! And she was slow then ! Passed straight through security due to TSA precheck. Thank you Harris ! Didn't even have to take off my shoes !!!
Business seats . Cj, Matthew and I in ABC and Scott on the other side of the aisle in D. We have unlimited access to the entertainment system . I watched "lion " of course I cried ! What a great movie ! Tried to read - can't focus . Played a little bookworm / now watching collateral beauty . Another sad one !

24 May 2017

24 hours until we hit the road ! Doing last minute errands - checking Kaya - aka - monster - into the farm . Lol. The farm was always where parents took dogs when they didn't want them anyone / the pound ! Haha - but this is a real farm where she is going for boarding and some training . She will be there for 17 days ! Next stop Bandares animal hospital and boarding - for Roxy and Casey . Scott and CJ doing the drop offs - I on the other hand will be going to work . Brand new job before a big vacation - a little stressful . Should have thought this through . Can't wait to start our big Spanish adventure .