United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Kim & Den's Cross-Country Adventure

21 August 2017

Night #1 - Nugget Hotel Casino, Rm 819 ($50.65) Our original goal was Winnemucca, NV. We settled for Reno due to the late start, taking advantage of the cheap room, valet parking, and easy food availability. Arriving at 10 pm, we left Looomis with the valet, pottied Gator, checked in, and went to our room. We discovered we forgot Alice's food in the car; so I hurried back down and, thankfully, the car was still there..whew. I fed Gator using the Keurig in the room to heat the water...lol, then headed down to Rosie's to feed us, only to find it closed for deep cleaning. They were serving a VERY limited menu in the buffet. We chose breakfast (Den- ham steak/eggs/pastry, Kim- bacon/sausage/eggs/pancakes). I couldn't resist grabbing a complementary macaroon for later. Gator laid quietly in the seat through the meal. Then, I took her out for last potty and up to room. Den paid the dinner check, and stayed down to gamble for a short while (no joy, but it keeps her card active).
Ukiah, CA to Sparks, NV - Mileage  to 149531 - Departure 4:45 pm  - Arrival 10 pm - Via Hwy 101N,  Hwy 20E, I-80E Behind schedule due to my losing a day of prep to the CRPS and further delayed by the solar eclipse (which we don't regret, AT ALL), we're finally on our way. I'm sure we've forgotten a dozen things, but that's all part of the adventure of traveling. This trip will be especially adventurous since we haven't car traveled very far since I developed CRPS, and not at all since it has effected both arms. I'm excited and terrified. We hadn't eaten, so hit Jack's drive-thru for a quick bite, then headed across Hwy 20. The drive was easy, with light traffic, except for an airlift accident around Clearlake Oaks. For that route, after dark, there was a really surprising lack of wildlife . We did see the cutest ground squirrel sitting in a tree, watching the hwy and eating. We stopped at Orv's in Williams for gas and a Gator potty (1/2). Then continued straight through.
Solar Eclipse We were scheduled to be on the road somewhere when it occurred, but we're happy we weren't. Deciding to leave afterward and being without proper eyewear, I quickly made a pinhole viewer from a long Amazon box. I cut a 4" hole in the side of one end, then inserted a piece of white cardstock inside to act as the screen. On the other end, I folded the flaps inside and covered the opening with a piece of foil. I taped the foil down, then used a pen to poke a small hole in the middle. Outside, facing away from the sun, we put the box on our shoulder and pointed the fool end toward the eclipse. The light coming through the pinhole projected the image of the eclipse onto the cardstock screen, allowing us to watch lights progress.. It was way cool. We also had the tv on inside so we could go in afterward and watch the feed from Madras, OR and other cities in the path of totality. We hope to be in a spot of totality for the next total solar ellipse in 2024.