United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · April 2017

9 April 2017

High above the lake, but not as high as the couple sitting on the bench next to us. Bernie-land has very interesting residents. I saw Champ as we left, he's very real. Little skinnier than I imagined.
The Church Street Marketplace is full of interesting characters, browse-worthy shops, and... puppies! We spent most of our trip wandering through the various shops and restaurants that line street and its surrounding blocks. We found some fabulous gifts, experienced our very first ion foot detox, and ate tons of delicious food. My favorite thing about this street is listening to the muscians who plop themselves down streetside and strum pleasant melodies as you walk past.

8 April 2017

There's no better way to spend a cold, spring afternoon than sitting cross-legged and barefoot around the world's tiniest tea-table. The extensive menu at Dobra Tea did a phenomenal job of educating us about the different varities of tea. After perusing dozens of tea-filled pages, I timidly rang the little brass bell that we'd been given when we sat down. After a few short moments, a friendly, polite young man appeared and took our order. Scot selected his favorite tea, Moroccan Mint, and I tried something that I'd never heard of before: Fermented Tea Leaves. Our steaming hot beverages arrived in tea pots as unique as their flavors.