Turkey · 2 Days · 6 Moments · May 2017

Kimberley's journi to Turkey

19 May 2017

Enjoyed the last few days. George and I spent time swimming and going on the slides. Lots of tennis has been played. Got the Dolmus to Kasudasi and had a lovely walk around. Today we took the free bus to the beach - small beach for Ramada clients - free drinks and food! Entertainment at night has been good. On Friday 19th May was the celebration of Turkish independence. Massive celebration on stage, lots of cake and brilliant dancers. Lots of alcohol, fireworks and flags :D Last nights entertainment was circus which was pretty good. Titi the dwarf is just hilarious. He makes a lot of jokes about his height and it's nice to see that he's not picky or offended about it lol. I have a good tan, be it that some of it is sun burnt haha.
Enjoyed the evening last night watching the animation team. It was so bad that it was hilarious. They had to improvise because the professionals had bailed because it may rain (it didn't). There is a midget or dwarf (whichever is politically correct) who did dirty dancing! Now that was the funniest thing I've ever seen! George got pulled up on stage for the orchestra which I laughed a lot at. We then went inside and listened to some music with a few beverages 😍
Enjoying sitting in the sun #hotdogs #nothighgap #lovefoodtoomuch

18 May 2017

Enjoying cocktails outside, waiting for kids entertainment to finish for ours to come on :)
First day in the hotel "the Ramada" in Kusadasi, Izmir. Found this little beauty whilst exploring the hotel, the three legged kitty :)
George having mummy cuddles with Nikki :)