Indonesia, Australia · 26 Days · 6 Moments · February 2015

Kieran's odyssey through Indonesia

15 March 2015

Now I can't stand the sea! I hate sand, fish, crabs, salt water, drowning, sharks.... The list goes on! I actually enjoyed it this day learning to surf! I got very badly ripped off for the lessons but it was worth it! The instructor was a nice guy and I done pretty good for a virgin. I had my wee beach shoes on so I wasn't standing on fish etc I was sorted! Except for all the plastic bags and dead fish cutting about in the water! I've seen cleaner rivers coming from a nuclear power plant. The water is outrageously mingin. I was chafing like mad aswell, I was scared my shorts were Gona go up in flames so that didn't add to my bad mood!
Following on... Thinking it was the watered down stuff they give us in the popular tourist destinations for drunk Brits! I was wrong. We left at 10:30 for bed of our trolleys! Can't remember much of that night. I do remember walking home and it had rained that night. The sidewalks happen to be tile over there so become extremely slippery, I think it took us a while to get home that night. Two steps forward one step back kind of stuff
So our next place was still in Bali but we moved (stupidly) into Kuta which is best known for the Australian tourists who go there to get drunk for cheap! I have nothing against this as this was me not so long ago in magaluf and the like, drunk as f**k for 2full weeks straight doing silly things that you think make you cool at the time but when you look back we were just silly Billy's! Anyway we stayed there for 2 nights. That was more than enough. The people trying to sell you things of the street were a lot worse! One guy "wee David" shook my hand and didn't let go. So after ten mins listening to his shite patter I started to walk away with him still holding my hand, dragging the persistent wee twat down the street until he finally let go! One night we went for a few beers then decided to stay out. So we went to the sky garden where the drink was free from 9pm to 11pm! Me being the Scottish Binge drinking I am, decided to rip the arse out of it!
So we arrived at our hostel in Denpasar. After a strange car ride we made it! Some of the streets weren't big enough for a scooter never mind a car. The hostel was nice at first thoughts. A family run place with a couple bambinos running around, made it feel safe. We got to our room all was good, they only had a fan and no AC though, so the first night I had to sleep with a snorkel because the sweat was pishing out me. So all this was good until I went to go for a dump. I like to take my time not rush the evacuation process and I like the toilet to be spotless, it's probably the place I clean most in my own place. Imagine my reaction when I pushed the door open and the place was an absolute shitehole literally! The once nice clean white toilet was a browny yellow and not just the bowl, the whole thing! Taking a hovering dump wasn't even an option, it was rank. Also the shower was in the same room, so you could actually take a shower while having a shite!

22 February 2015

As soon as we got out the airport it started......everyone shouting taxi, taxi, taxi! So we say no because we were getting picked up by our hostel! But it doesn't stop them. After waiting a while we finally found our ride. It was then I noticed a change in the surroundings, a drastic change. Driving to the hostel as soon as we got away from the airport the streets and shops just got worse and worse! There's obviously a lot of poverty here, it's a populous place and everybody seems to be doing the same thing, selling bintang singlets working in a restaurant or shouting taxi at you, even people who don't have taxis!

17 February 2015

Arriving at the airport! The first thing I noticed was the heat, felt like I was sitting in the stinky wee sauna wee had at our local gym at the swimming pool that I used to pretend to use! First impressions were good, the airport was clean and had AC, this wasn't my thoughts for long though