North America · 11 Days · 20 Moments · March 2017

Kia's journi to Nicaragua

5 April 2017

Today was snorkeling in Guanacaste. White fish, blue and gold fish, puffer fish, sea urchins. Just an incredible beach day.

3 April 2017

Volcano Masaya. Up up up, hot, hot, hot, hike, hike, hike We were all champions

2 April 2017

Tomorrow is day 3. We travel to see markets for local shopping and to see Maysaya Volcano. Already found some souvenirs and hope to find more tomorrow. Excited for group to travel into the "cloud forest" in elevated heights to witness the volcano. Hat? Check. Umbrella? Check. Sunscreen? Coat? Camera?? Check check check! 7:30 breakfast. 8 o'clock loading bus.
Time for boat ride. 3 boats and 3 groups. Cruising the 365 islands of Nicaragua . We'll have to come back to see more. The land here is 250k to 3 mill depending on what u want. See? Nicaragua is more than meets the eye.
Just before leaving Cafe Smiles I run into Wendy our tour guide from 3 years ago and the kids make a bike juicy.
Another way the deaf support their lives is by providing hand made quality hammocks. Their hammocks go all over the world. One was even given to the Pope in 2016. Of course, we helped.
Here students learn from the deaf how to sign spell their name then they earn a nickname from their presenter
After the tours we gathered for lunch. Very special place where food and experience provided by a deaf population. They cook and earn their living in many ways to support themselves because mainstream society doesn't have a place for them
Some market experiences and museum tour
We are ready for day two. Itinerary set for 3 walking tours and boat sight seeing ride. We lucked up and added horse carriage tours in the local cities to see how the local live. #luckyus!!!!

1 April 2017

33 people sitting together for dinner after a great day. Time for a great meal with great conversation and GREAT CULTURE
The boys listening to Spanish TV in their rooms until dinner. No sun and pool for them
Made it to hotel. Taking a dip to cool off before dinner
Allan is our tour guide
Loading our tour bus
Families experiencing the world together
Guys bonding !
Coming in for the landing.....look out Managua here we come

26 March 2017

We leave April 1 2017 Many first time out of the country travelers #THEYARETHEBEST