Asia, North America · 8 Days · 53 Moments · January 2017

Khi's voyage in Israel

11 January 2017

As I getting ready to go into the empty tomb of my Savior.... it's still empty because "He Got Up"
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Jerusalem in the first Temple Period 1000-586 B.C
Speak for itself
The pool of Bethesda John 5 the man waited 38 yrs to be healed. The first in the water would be healed when the angle trouble the water....
The Lions Gate you can see the lions in the wall
This picture of the rock inside the church of all nations. Is the place where Jesus was betrayed and kissed judus also where He prayed and the disciples could not watch for one hour. The Mt Olive
This church is also shaped like a 😢 tear
This church is one of the two church that pray towards the west. " Jesus wept" over Jerusalem

10 January 2017

Me Praying at the Western Walling Wall
In the Hezekiah tunnel "1600 ft"
Look at this Car

9 January 2017

This is funny
This how the crucifixion looks can you see the difference?
The Church of the Nativity includes Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian worship places .
The ⭐️ is where Jesus was born. Next the manger where he was laid.
The church of The Nativity has a building fund project going on.
The church of the nativity is the oldest church in the. Would. Bethlehem Jesus place of birth.
You can't go in some places segregation is everywhere
Another place that Herod built. He was a genius, paranoid tyrant. It was said " its better to be his pig instead of his son" .

8 January 2017

Manger from the stable. This is what Baby Jesus was laid in when He was born.
Riding to save the Kingdom
Revelation 16 the Place of the Armageddon "Megiddo" in the place there was a lot of battles fought.
Nazareth the Home of Jesus my Savior
Nazareth Mountain of precipice

7 January 2017

The City of Jesus
The town of Jesus
The Temple of Pan
The place where the demon pig 🐷 ran over the cliff

6 January 2017

This where the first Christian was killed and eating by animals while the Crowd watch." Romans
Roman Bet-She'an, know as Nyssa Scythopolis
I'm a Shepared
Qumeran is where a large number of the scrolls was found. Many were stolen and looted
Water falls
More caves that David used the are some cronies
Ein Gedi were David hides from Saul

5 January 2017

Camel ride
The water system hold 100 of thousands gallons. The scribe was written but couldn't not make one mistake if he does he will have to start over.
Steam room
Spa that King Herod had made in his kingdom
This Guy concord Masada! From the bottom to the top it was 700 step . It took me 1hr I was tired😴

4 January 2017

God's Creations
A tomb for the rich a smaller version of what Jesus used.
Wine and olive factories