Asia, South America · 14 Days · 49 Moments · February 2017

K and K's tour - Brazil, Bolivia and Peru

10 March 2017

Exploring Sao Paolo on foot with one of the free walking tours of the historic Centro - best way to pack it all in a day and top it off with some shopping later!

9 March 2017

Long journey back alone begins - in Lima, beer and catching up on work
Last meal together before we say our goodbyes and part 😔
Nothing like home cooked breakfast !
Making omelet in Cusco - with amazing views of the city

8 March 2017

Delicious lunch at Mapacho, best trout in all of Aguas ! With beautiful views of the river, no less
Rain and cold and clouds, couldn't have picked a worse day!
Hyuana Picchu, at the top
Climb up Hyuana Picchu, extremely steep and exhausting climb with horrible views because of rain and clouds but still worth it
Machu Picchu, as breathtaking as it seems in pictures
Machu Picchu !!! Finally
Machu Picchu !

7 March 2017

Andean grill - amazing rainbow trout in Aguas Calientes
Beautiful views on the way to Macchu Picchu, courtesy PeruRail
View from train to Machu Picchu !
PeruRail - not cheap !
Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Yummy breakfast in Cusco, after missing dinner thanks to the 12 hours (non-stop!) bus ride

6 March 2017

Queue at 'migracion' to get out of Bolivia and into Peru - got out of our bus to stand in bitter cold queuing for 2 hrs (first on the Bolivia side and then Peru side) - all this before a 10 hour overnight bus journey (non-stop!) to Cuzco
Beautiful Lake Titicaca
Mini Bus ride from La Paz to Copacabana - stuffed with locals, awkward seats, crossing the river inside the bus - amazing !
Charming town Copacabana at the banks of Lake Titicaca
Rurrenabaque airport- flight out to La Paz in the choppy 18 seater airplane

5 March 2017

Back from 2 days in the Amazon rainforest ! Amazing experience - living and walking in the forest like the Indians, bath in the river, food cooked with firewood - and totally exhausting !

4 March 2017

Departing to the jungle for two day Amazon tour !
Bike taxi !
Sleepy Rurrenabaque- our entry into the Bolivian Amazon

3 March 2017

Our 18-seater twin prop airplane ride to Rurrenabaque ! An experience in itself
High end dining at Gustu - best Bolivian restaurant and no.14 top rated in Latin America. Despite our 'touristy' looks we were warmly welcomed
La Paz, walking around at 13000 feet above sea level

2 March 2017

View of the city - Nestled in the lap of the Andes, spreading far and wide along the mountains
Beautiful sights of La Paz !
Planning the trip as we go - booking flights and accommodation for next few days
Breakfast at Colibri
Camping at the outskirts of La Paz, woke up to beautiful views of the Andes

1 March 2017

What a journey from Rio to La Paz - overnight bus to Sao P, flu shot at the airport, Bolivia visa authorities clash at Santa Cruz, missed flight to La Paz - finally arrived 20 hours later.

28 February 2017

Ipanema sunset
Copacabana bloco carnival
Local food delights
Sambadrome- the all night carnival !

27 February 2017

Trip to Sugarloaf - spectacular views of the city
Rio - best example of state sponsored hedonism !

26 February 2017

Christ the Reedemer- up the mountain, through the forest on a beautiful train journey
Street 'blocos' at Copa Cabana
Finally after 42 hours since leaving Singapore, our Airbnb abode for next three days, quaint little house with an adorable host Ines.. Looking forward to Rio !
Arrived in Rio - still same clothes ! Money exchange done!

25 February 2017

Bus ride ! Time to zzzzz
Waiting at Tiete bus terminal for bus to Rio after 35 hours since leaving Singapore. No luck with local SIM and currency !
All set from Dubai !