South Africa, Botswana · 15 Days · 50 Moments · January 2015

Kgalagadi January/February 2015

4 February 2015

From the high temperatures of the Kalahari to the rain clouds of the Western Cape. #homewardbound

3 February 2015

Back in Calvinia for the night. Staying at Die Dorphuis.
What a great last morning in the park...on our way back home now, can't believe 2 weeks have gone so fast!

2 February 2015

One more day in KTP and we've reach 74 bird species sighted, our most ever! πŸ˜€

1 February 2015

A lovely, relaxing 2 nights at Kalahari Tented Camp. First time at this Bushcamp and our last 2 nights in the park. Tuesday we head back to Cape Town.
The desert Giraffe. Lucky enough to see this group drinking at Craig Lochart water hole.

30 January 2015

The Green Kalahari after the rains. - on our way to Mata Mata

29 January 2015

64 Bird species seen so far (the most we've seen on all our trips!...and we've still got the Mata Mata side to view. 😁
A stunning sighting of 2 female lions stalking ostriches.
Nossob Sunrise

27 January 2015

Evening drinks at our Sociable neighboursπŸ˜‰
Been a quiet lazy day. Except for the Brown Hyena at the waterhole this morning, a couple of Ostriches and a herd of about 40+ Wildebeest this afternoon, not much moving around. At the weather has improved and we have sighted lots of new little birds. Boring to some, but to Ed and I... A perfect day!😊
Social weaver sketch

26 January 2015

Sunset like only the Kalahari can offer.
The neighbours are getting rowdy!! - Social Weavers
The sun's come out and the Wildebeest have come to drink - Grootkolk Bushcamp.
Another quiet day...the weather has chased all the wildlife away. On our way to Grootkolk Bushcamp. Killing time watching the Wildebeest walking by.

25 January 2015

Rain, rain go away!!!! πŸ˜•
Been raining most of the day here in Nossob. Haven't seen much wildlife, even buck. Just 3 lions sleeping on the side of the road - two females and one male, mating occasionally.
Quiet morning in the north...

24 January 2015

The stormy clouds over Nossob...but just a tease!
We almost had a picnic right next to this sleepy lady!!
A lion pride of 10, including 2 cubs.

23 January 2015

The rains from Botswana are heading our way...
47 degrees and Ed decides to braai!!
Auchterlonie picnic spot and settlement museum.
First sunrise in the park

22 January 2015

First drive out to Saamevloeing waterhole. Sightings: Cape Fox, Black Faced Waxbill, Swallow Tailed Bee eater & a Brown Snake Eagle.
Our home in Tweerivieren for the next two nights.
We're finally here!!
Bushman huts
The red dunes begin.
Lots of nothing.
Back on the road and on our final stretch to the park.
Upington Nissan Service centre....problem with our trusty vehicle. πŸ˜•
Keimoes on the banks of the Orange River.
Karoo lollipops.
The 'one-horse-town' of Kenhart.'s own kind of beauty.
9:37am and it's already 34 degrees in the Karoo!
Some 'nipple' mountains πŸ˜‰
7 hour Road-trip to Kgalagadi begins.
Quick morning walk down Calvinia's Main Street.
What a beautiful Karoo morning.

21 January 2015

Die Blou Nartjie Restaurant (main house)
Arrived at Die Blou Nartjie Guesthouse in Calvinia. Sweet little spot with their own traditional South African Restaurant. Looking forward to some ribs!!😊....and maybe the pool - 7:22pm and still 35 degrees outside.
Only passing Moorreesbug and already 37 degrees!!
No more sleeps!! We leave today on our road trip to Kgaligadi - overnight stop in Calvinia at the 'Blou Nartjie' guesthouse. 😁

20 January 2015

Fluffy ready to go!!πŸ‘πŸ˜€