South Korea · 17 Days · 15 Moments · August 2014

Kevin's Semester Abroad in Seoul,South Korea

14 September 2014

Group picture in front of the south korean flag 🇰🇷✌️ French and German connection!

13 September 2014

Korean Market in "Namdaemun"! 🇰🇷👍
Today I have been to the prison in "Seodaemun"! It is a historical prison which was buit by the japanese to imprison Korean freedom activists in order to suppress any kind of Korean independent activity in 1907! It was very interesting and a special moment to honor the brave men and women who suffered under the japanese to symbolize the desire of independence!
What a great night at an amazing club called "Syndrom"! Asians love to get crazy!! ;)

12 September 2014

Really like my new campus of the Chung-Ang University! Especially the dragon as a traditional symbol in the middle of the pond.

11 September 2014

Another day full of discoveries in "Gyeongbokgung". Very impressed by the mountains and the nature in general. More over the architecture is fascinating!
Trip to the beach in "Incheon" today! Already got to know plenty of foreign students. Let me introduce you to the french connection "Tiphaine" and "Alex". Great weather and great people! ☀️👍
Great view from the "Seoul Tower". Hiking up the mountain was kinda exhausting but it is worth it for such a beautiful view! 😊
Buddhists honoring their antecessors or praying for their family and loved ones in front of three big golden Buddhas! Very respectful and peaceful atmosphere!
Today's destination: "Insadong" Checking out different traditional temples and other cultural places. Very impressed by the architecture and the peaceful environment in this area!
Nice view while hanging out and having some beers with all Exchange Students to get to know each other! Many Exchange Students are from Germany as well but also from France, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia etc. 👍
First day of school at the Chung-Ang University in Seoul! The weather is just beautiful and its very hot outside. Very excited for my first classes and all other Korean and foreign students I will get to know. ☀️📚
I was wondering what exactly the Korean food will most probably look like and if I will like it! My first Korean meal is "Korean Barbecue"! Very delicious 👍 I can really recommend it to any of you.
Very excited for my flight to Seoul, South Korea! First stop Dubai then off to Incheon Airport in South Korea. Semester aborad 2014 at the Chung-Ang University! Let the story begin 🇰🇷👍

28 August 2014

The trip finally begins! I did not take a lot of clothes or other material things with me. The picture basically shows the equipment that I will actually really use during my discovery of Seoul! GoPro 👍🇰🇷