Canada · 2 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Kevin 's adventure in Whistler, BC, Canada

24 May 2017

Ride clothes - heated vest made in Coombs BC - Alpinstars medium duty ADV boots - Scorpion AT950 ADV Helmet - Joe Rocket Phoenix 11 armored mesh jacket - Olympia armored mesh ride pants - Five Advanced Gloves armored but ventilated - Olympia insulated liner for mesh jacket. I opted for lighter warm day gear to coincide with the forecast but with warm back ups for high mountain passes and early misty mornings. A pair of Held long gloves for me a must have. Rain pants for lower body if too cold and same for over top jacket with of course the electric vest a option for under jacket as well.
In the tank bag - eyewear options - cleaning cloth - 15000 mah Anker portable power supply - spare keys - gauge - power socket adapter - PPS cord - screw driver - yes another knife - leatherman - cell phone lives in here.
So as far as packing goes. From clockwise starting at the Chinook bag should I need extra storage and rock straps to tie on. 1st side case -axe - air pump - tire tools - knife with fire starter - cordage. Next small bag with cloths 3 spork spoon jetboil and spare fuel. Then sealed bag with shop towels latex glove and chain lube - Eureka inflating pad the most comfy and small option - fly for shade wind rain protection - clothes and spare heavy gloves. Box 2 MSR Eliixer 2 tent - fleece blanket - helinox collapsing chair - cheap light river trail sleep bag - walking shoes. This box leaves room for clothing such as ride jacket should I need to leave it on the bike for ferry or lunch or whatever. Top box - Maps Butler for stateside and provincial - waterproof gloves - manual tank bag cover- pledge - water - bug spray - ridiculously bright rain gear - in the portable sink - SJCam - GPS - headlight - snacks - power cord - misc items this area changes as frequently accessed during the ride.

23 May 2017

Watching the weather combined with ride buddy needing a day or so to deal with some life details out a kibosh on bike packing. I needed to know how the trip would go. Would it be a Motel on Camp /or Motel Camp mix. Also a general route mutually agreed on is always preceded. That is if my ride pal Paul actually makes it. So finally the day before the ride I send note to Paul with the route I tentatively selected but still adjustable, not knowing if he will even go at this point. I begin my trip packing by carefully selected my sleep options finally settled on the inflatable sleep pad from Capital Iron. Easy and fast to inflate and just as easy to deflate and smallest of the three options I have. The ride will be a ride and camp lasting 4 days so I want the easiest and smallest gear possible.

22 May 2017

Sitting at home after the long weekend. Reflecting. My wife and I had just returned from our shakdown camping trip with the new trailer. Found a few issues but was mainly a successful trip. One thing we found was chasing 8 year olds definitely is becoming more taxing on the older frames. It's a really good work out keeping a few young lads busy and cooking cleaning up and such and so. Well if you know what I mean then, you know. Draining. And a lot if fun too. Anyway pondering my short MC ride I have sort of planned. My usual ride plan is not a plan really. It's more an evolutionary process where I decide on how long first. Then my flight, as to the weather, I do tend to travel toward patches of clear sky. A friend referenced this type of plan or non plan as a Patch ride. From patch of good sky to patch of blue dodging weather as to how the roads allow it. Pulling out tomorrow with one good ride buddy. I'll ride my DL1000 and Paul on his BMW.