India · 8 Days · 47 Moments · February 2017

Kerry and Chloe's Voyage in India

18 February 2017

Spoiled ourselves for the last night and booked a Radisson hotel room. It is luxury!! Food was good last night. Feeling a little hungover this morning and had to say Goodbye to Sam. We played every sad goodbye song on Kerry's playlist for him before leaving.
Our last full day in Delhi was fun-packed! We visited the tomb called 'Humayun Tomb' and saw some lovely Indian architecture. Sam took us to Nando's as Thailand doesn't have any so I could have my chicken and corn on the cob. What a legend. We then went to try and find a park to sit in and relax however an Indian man stopped his car and pulled over to stop us walking down a dangerous street. We gave up and went straight to the metro. We got a cycle rickshaw to the next destination and Sam was made to sit in the back where all the locals laughed at him! We visited the Akshardham Temple where we weren't allowed to take any phones or cameras inside. It was fantastic. We saw a beautiful temple structure, an interesting film showcase about Milikant who is a sacred teacher in their religion and finally watched a spectacular water show. This is definitely worth a visit. It was a busy day and we managed to use 4 different modes of Indian transport. A successful day!
We also went to Akshardham temple. The temple was beautiful with hundreds of carvings. We watched two shows and an incredible light show. The light show is worth doing! Woke up this morning with 23 mosquito bites on my foot! We used a cycle rickshaw and metro to get to the temple. The cycle rickshaw was funny with Sam having to get on the back and everyone laughing at him.
We spent our last day sightseeing around New Delhi. We visited Humayun's Tomb. And then tried to find a park to relax in - this appears to be very difficult in India.

17 February 2017

Vinay our guide just told us that if you have hiccups in India it means someone is missing you.
Poor Seong who is in our tour group, he had a bad day and I think this picture reflects it. 1) We were meant to leave the hotel in Jaipur at 08:30 but Seong was late, turns out Alex had locked him in the hotel room and Seong was trying everything to get out. 2)He even managed to cut his finger trying to escape the room! 3) We had a 6 hour bus journey and Seong had to miss breakfast. Seong did find it funny and made a joke of it. 4) we stopped on the bus journey for some snacks. One of the girls Tera was being hassled so Seong jumped up a step to help her and landed in a huge runny cow pat. 5) Seong fell asleep at the lunch table 6) lost every round of cards we played in the evening He was very sweet when he said the only reason it's a bad day is because it was our last full day as a group!
For the last two nights we have used Tuk Tuks to go out to dinner. As there are a few of us we had 4 tuk tuks and have been racing back to the hotel. Both nights we have won. Last night we had so much fun - we sang songs related to driving to make our driver go faster, he enjoyed it. The racing was like the game mario kart racing.

16 February 2017

We had a wonderful meal last night. The best I've tasted in India so far! It was a restaurant called 'Spice Court' where they also had fantastic desserts. Yum! We were lucky enough to pass by an Indian wedding too!
This evening we watched sunset at the Monkey Valley Temple. There were lots of animals there including monkeys, goats, cows, dogs, pigs and even a cobra!
Stopped off yesterday to see a fabric printing shop. They use hand carved wood and vegetable paint to print. I can remember onion makes a grey print colour but can't remember the rest! They let us have a go at doing our own print and then put it on a motorbike to dry. We then entered the shop and bought some beautiful things.
Visited Ambr Fort after our hotel air balloon ride. There was a very pretty mirror part to the fort. It was the capital of Hindu warrior rulers from 11th century and the fort itself was in use 1598-1727. The first king had 12 wives who all had a portrait outside their room to remind him which wife it was. The ladies had their own apartments because they were not allowed in public view. This was to stop invaders getting to the women.
This morning, at 5:20am, we flew in a hot air balloon! It was a magical experience. We saw the sunrise and waved at all the villagers and cows below. Beautiful.

15 February 2017

We went on an 8km bike ride this morning. We stopped in a little village and had tea in a local persons house.
Relaxed by the pool after our bike ride. The pool was so cold!! We managed to do one length whilst screeching about the pool being so cold. Sam played some reggae music for us and we relaxed with a nice beer. Glamping was so good - could have stayed longer.

14 February 2017

We had some henna done by the local girls. It looks so pretty. Advised to apply Vicks as the henna will last longer. Luckily one of the girls had some Vicks.
We had such a great time last night glamping. Played a few games with the group, had some good food and gin and tonics. Then we all sat by the fire for the evening. Cold getting into bed but the hosts kindly provided us with "central heating" in our tents which turned out to be hot water bottles.
Another amazing stop over in the Village night. We went on a bike ride this morning and had a cup of tea with the guide in his house. Everyone is so kind and welcoming.
We stopped in a small village to see the Ancient Step Well. This used to be the main city well where all the citizens would get their clean water. It also acted as a social communal area. We met a rugger whose family business was to make rugs. We bought a small rug each to support the business.
Stopped in a village to do a quick bit of shopping and visit the ancient Stepwell built in the 7th century. As well as our rugs we bought some bangles that we watched the man make in front of us from the tree gum!
Back on the road and travelling to a village to go "glamping"
This morning, we walked around this beautiful palace. The King only lived here for 3 years! He had a justice elephant that decided if criminals were guilty by whether or not the elephant stood on their heads! He has his own memorial tower. The king had 3 legal wives and over 500 illegal wives! What a stud. He was 5'2" and had a very large bed which could fit up to 15 women #lad. The palace has a hide and seek room where the king enjoyed playing with his many women. There was also a large play area for human size Ludo. Each wife had her own living area. The favourite wife who was Hindu religion had a huge area with summer and winter bedroom. She was the favourite because she gave birth to a son. However he kept his Muslim wife closest to him. The king built a maternity wing for his wives to give birth in - this was surrounded by a beautiful garden. The palace was made of red sand stone which kept cool during the hot months.
Our tour guide surprised us this Valentine's Day! Rose and chocolate!! ❤️

13 February 2017

When you are lying in bed listening to a one year olds birthday rave and your tour guide is out on the lash. Can't wait to see Viney in the morning!
A beautiful afternoon at the Red Fort. We have learned so much about the history of India. Thank you to our wonderful guide!
Visited the Red Fort in Agra. The palaces were beautiful and could see The Taj Mahal in the background. The king was also an alcoholic who grew his own grapes - genius!
Lunch time! Paper Plain Dosai. Yum! South Indian Cuisine.
An unbelievably incredible experience this morning. The Taj Mahal at sunrise. Breath-taking.
Taj Mahal! So pretty and worth the early wake up!
Early morning walk to the Taj Mahal with a puppy pit stop (nearly lost the group and our place in line). Now waiting with a chai tea for sun rise.

12 February 2017

Dinner time in Agra. More delicious curries!
We visited the 'Mini Taj Mahal' at sunset today. What a beautiful place.
Mini Taj Mahal at sunset. So pretty.
Road trip to Agra
Lunch on our way to Agra. Deluxe Tahji. I think India could turn us veggie!
We visited a Sikh temple where they would volunteer to cook meals for 4000 people a day. They make vegetarian meals and each visitor must finish their whole plate of food to show respect.
Lucky to spend a week with this lot
Visited this beautiful temple. The largest temple in the country!
We've had a lovely walking tour with Aman, who was rescued by the Salaam Baalak Trust. They support children between the ages of 4-18 with education and a home. So moving and made us appreciate how lucky we are. We also got to see the old part of Delhi.
What came first the wall or the tree?

11 February 2017

Our first Indian meal in New Delhi! Delicious.
Sampling some Indian wine
This hotel has been incredible so far, hot water, toilet roll and an amazing hotel clerk. We asked the hotel clerk for advice about where we could get a charging cable from after walking the streets trying to find a cable ourselves - this was not an easy task. The hotel clerk went out and got it within 20minutes for us. Great service!
Hotel bar with Indian decor. And extremely chatty chipmunks!
Our first Indian food. Cheese Pakora!
A much needed Indian beer after our first venture into the city.
Hanuman Temple - we walked here from our hotel. What an experience! Lots of very helpful Indian men tried to show us all the sights in their Tuk Tuks. We even got escorted across the road! Thanks New Delhi for a baptism of fire into culture and traffic!
Arrived in New Delhi. Staying in the Southern Regency Hotel.