Thailand, Philippines · 8 Days · 40 Moments · February 2018

Kerry, Myrille & Charlie’s trip 2 Philippines

25 February 2018

Now in bed with 56 mosquito bites on me! No wonder I’m so itchy!!! What a brilliant holiday xxx

24 February 2018

Landed in Bangkok, finally! So tired!
We have done our first flight, however they won’t let us off the plane until they find stairs!!! We have 1 hour until our next flight...
Two hour delay on our flight and still sat on the runway with technical issues. Potentially going to miss our transfer flight to Bangkok which means we won’t get home until tomorrow now. Not a good end to the holiday.

23 February 2018

Someone's cold 😁
Stunning sunset.
Another beautiful sunset over Port Barton. I don’t want to leave this place.
We love you Sandy. We played with this lovely little soi dog and hours later, as we stumbled passed his bar, he came running up to us to greet us. What a lovely boy!
Views as we sunbathed and snorkelled the afternoon away.
Our delicious beach side lunch on Germán Island.
Another beautiful morning in Port Barton, Palawan.

22 February 2018

One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Thank you Port Barton.
This is the beach outside our beach cabin. There is like one other person here! So beautiful and peaceful. True paradise.
We woke up this morning in our beach cabin in Port Barton. What a beautiful, quiet part of the island. We had to take a boat to get here and the owner drove us the 3 hour car ride from Puerto Princesa as he was there getting supplies. That’s what I call customer service.

21 February 2018

This is the entrance to the underground river. Where the salt water from the sea meets the fresh water from the river in this beautiful lagoon.
The most photographed place in Palawan. And you can see why.
This is where we had lunch before going to the underground river. The scenery was incredible.
Thank you, Kerry for taking these lovely photos. ❤
Our new friend Tiger 😍🐕
More amazing views on the way to the zip line! Welcome to Palawan!
We are now enroute to the underground river. We’ve stopped off at a beautiful viewpoint to take some photographs.

20 February 2018

After a traumatic evening, we awoke at 8am for breakfast and hit the road heading for the airport. It took 4 hours to get there after stopping for some Filipino snacks Myrille recommended. We arrived at the airport to a delayed flight but we finally made it to Palawan! And we managed to bag a Starbucks at the airport. Win win! We are now staying tonight in the centre of Palawan city in preparation for exploring tomorrow.
We had pizza for our dinner tonight to give our stomachs a break from Filipino food and alcohol. We walked through China town which looks all lovely and decorated for Chinese New Year.
Today has been a looong day of travelling. The journey began last night with Kerry being promised a room mate. Some Chinese guy. On arriving to her dorm room, we found 2 centipedes and a cockroach in the room. The staff refused to help and just told us to kill them. In the end, Charlie used a mug to scoop them out the front door. Next, at approximately 2:45am, said Chinese room mate arrived and the staff got Kerry out of bed to introduce them! Highly unimpressed. This new room mate then switched off the fan in the no air con tiny box dorm room. I had to demand it back on but he requested it must be pointing away from his bed as he had a terrible cold. He was sneezing and coughing every 5 minutes and then proceeded to snore for the entire rest of the night. Not only this, he dropped his laptop bag, with his laptop in it, on Kerry from the top bunk to the bottom and asked her to pass it back to him. What a cheek. In the end, I resorted to clicking my fingers every time he snored.

19 February 2018

Well one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen!
Beautiful waterfall but very cold water!
After our time on the island, we stopped for a beer and saw the cutest puppies running around. And we found the tiniest bottles of sprite!
Look at the water! We had such a wonderful time on the island. Unfortunately, I lost my flip flop. It floated away so I found a broken one that had washed up on the beach to wear home. Poor Philipe is out there in the big ocean. I hope he finds happiness.
We are spending the rest of the morning on Somilan Island just a 5 minute boat ride from Cebu. Absolutely paradise.
Look at this beautiful, majestic creature! We swam with the whale sharks this morning and it was an absolute life highlight. What amazing animals! So huge yet so gentle. Wow.

18 February 2018

Next Filipino meal consisted of adobo chicken, rice and spring rolls. It was delicious. A good meal all round.
Myrille’s new best friend!
This is the beach outside the hostel we are staying in! Just beautiful.
Lechon - roasted pork with brilliant crackling right in the middle of the market. Lovely first stop in Cebu. Lots of delicious banana treats too!
Arrived in Cebu! Us ferangs had to stand in an hour long queue for passport control due to a Chinese tour who were not sure how to line up properly! Myrille sailed through the local queue in about 5 minutes! Typical.
Philippines, here we come!!!
Start as we mean to go on...
We have arrived at the airport ready for our over night flight to Cebu!