Laos, Thailand · 7 Days · 35 Moments · October 2017

Kerry and Clair’s journi to Laos

28 October 2017

Both home now. Clair is knackered and unwell...Kerry is already planning her next adventure. She’s insane
Our last morning! We visited the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, to learn about Laotian tribal culture.

27 October 2017

Sunset views for our last night in Luang Prabang.
We climbed to the look out point!
So frigging good. Dry khao soi with noodles, and Khai khi chicken with kaffir lime leaves. *insert drool*
We’ve just arrived at the Botanical gardens and oh my goodness can we stay here forever?! Apparently this centre has only been open for 9 months - the staff have been lovely so far and we’ve had a herbal tea tasting session, followed by delicious spring rolls 😍 I (Clair) accidentally massacred a few red ants, and I can only beg the ant gods for forgiveness!
We’re going on a boat ride down the Mekong, to visit the Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden 🛶

26 October 2017

Had a delicious meal in Dyen Sabai. We had to get a boat across the river in total darkness due to a power cut! I had coconut chicken in a delicious sauce. Yum!
We just can’t cope with how gorgeous this place is
Truly natural beauty at its finest. Kuang Si Falls, you have taken my breath away.
Bad photo but a lovely setting for a morning ice tea from the Scandinavian Bakery. Pain Au Chocolat for lunch yum!

25 October 2017

We looked at so many temples yesterday. They are all so beautiful. We also saw them building the bamboo bridge across the river Mekong. It was very impressive.
Lots and lots of temples today!!
We have stopped here at Toutu Restaurant. We had delicious spring rolls and dumplings to regain our strength after the temple run.
We then moved on to see the Palace complex and saw this beautiful temple called Wat Haw Pha Bang.
Wat Mai - here is a temple that is also a Monastery where the novice Monks learn the skills to be a Monk.
We have been wandering around the local area in Luang Prabang. We have seen the river and some beautiful buildings on our walk so far.
We’ve arrived in our ‘hostel’ for the next 3 nights and it’s a huge step up! It’s called Singharat Guest House. They have provided us with fruit drinks and a fruit platter on arrival.
Domestic flight from Vientiane to Luang Prabang on the world’s smallest plane! Excited for our next stop!
Bye Vientiane! We’re at the airport, on our way to Luang Prabang.

24 October 2017

Tin Tin was horrified we didn’t get mussels yesterday so we came back today...holy moules-y they were good!
Sunset drinks at Bor Penn Yang bar for our last evening in Vientiane
A very moving visit to COPE visitor centre this afternoon. They are a charity that provide support, medical care and prosthetic limbs for those affected by cluster bombs, as well as club foot and other disorders that affect limbs and movement. We learned how the COPE organisation visit villages around Laos and treat the local people who can’t afford to pay for treatment. They do this completely free and they rely on donations from outside agencies as well as tourists and visitors. What an amazing programme.
Made a stop at Joma Bakery Cafe for delicious coffee, bagels and paninis.
We’ve taken a stroll past some Temples on our way to get some lunch. These ones were called Wat Inpeng, Wat Ong Teu and Wat Mixai.
We’ve come to visit Buddha Park, a rather bizarre park just outside of Vientiane that is full of Buddhist and Hindu statues. It’s a gorgeous day for it 🌴☀️

23 October 2017

We’re back in our hostel now, acting like old ladies and hoping the ‘youths’ downstairs turn their music down soon 😅 On the way back we snapped a quick picture of this building. Vientiane has so many interesting buildings; many of them aren’t in a brilliant condition but the details are amazing.
Aaaaaand we’ve moved on! We felt a bit hungry, and although the Belgian Beer bar serves BUCKETS of mussels and chips (we are going back there tomorrow!) we don’t quite feel up to that tonight. So...we’re at Tyson’s Kitchen 🍔 🍕 They have asked me what type of gin I’d like in my G&T. It’s a 👍 from me. Gordon’s please!
We have found a lovely Belgian bar for beer and wine! It has a Tin Tin theme. It’s called Chokdee Belgian Beer Bar. We are enjoying a well-deserved glass of red wine after a long day of cycling. 🍷🍷🍷
Not our photo of this part of the bike tour (thanks google images for helping out), but we visited the Lao National Museum. It was in this gorgeous French Colonial building, but in what seems typical Lao fashion, the place has seen better days. Apparently, the building is soon going to be demolished and the collection inside moved somewhere more ‘modern’, but this seems such a shame. Inside we learned the history of Laos, from the discovery of ancient skeletons, to the more recent (and sad) history of the affect the Vietnam war had on Lao. Apparently, over 2 million tons of bombs were dropped over Laos by the US army, which is almost as many bombs that were dropped by the US over Europe during World War 2. Horrifyingly, Laos is now the most bombed country in proportion to its population, and over 80 million bombs have not been recovered.
Next on the Clair and Kerry bike tours we went to the Victory Monument. It has French influence (modelled on the Arc de Triomphe). We climbed all the way to the top!
During the first part of the bike exploration, we made a wrong turn but found this building - a shrine to artifacts from the ancient city that had been rediscovered.
Today we hired bikes and took ourselves on a personal tour of the main sites in the city. We saw the Presidential Palace first and then we started off at Sisaket Temple which happens to be the oldest temple in Vientiane. It was almost completely bombed during the 1960s where America dropped the equivalent of 1 ton of explosives for each Lao native person. 80,000,000 bombs failed to explode and are injuring and killing the locals still to this day. We had a look around the temple. There were over 7,000 Buddha statues in total. It was very peaceful and made a lovely first stop on our bike tour, even if the visit was cut short by 🚽s not having tissue!

22 October 2017

Clair decided to show off her amazing pool skills and DJ skills back at the hostel. An early night turned into free vodka and Musical Theatre sing offs. A fun way to end our first day here.
A lovely start to our holiday in Laos with a sunset view and local beer called Beerlao. We stopped in a bar called Highland Bar and had pie with chips and gravy! We have missed British food. We walked around the night market and stopped for cocktails. Clair found a stray kitten in a different bar and cwtched it for ages.