Thailand, Indonesia · 4 Days · 13 Moments · February 2017

Kerry's Weekend in Jakarta, Indonesia

26 February 2017

Well thank you Jakarta for a short and sweet visit. I learned that there are not many tourists as there is not too much to see but a nice green place. The school was lovely. Until next time!

25 February 2017

Just been to a Durian Festival. This is the smelliest fruit I have ever seen. Why is there a festival dedicated to it?!
Long journey home. The traffic in Jakarta is not good! Also, the currency is so big!
The swimming pool at this school is 4 times bigger than the one at my current school!

24 February 2017

Well deserved Bintang!
After a long day of thinking, we're having refreshments in the local Mall. Where there is a water park and a driving range!
Visited a CASS school today where the International School sponsor the education of 22 local children who don't have the opportunity to go to school. What a lovely project. The year 13 students run clubs and activities for the children.

23 February 2017

Because of the rain, I've decided to hit room service and a movie!
I made it to Jakarta! But now it's raining and I'm stuck in the hotel. Thunder and lightening!!!!
The man in front of me at the queue for check in has just been told he's at the wrong airport. I feel so bad for him!!!
Dollars for Indonesia! Who'd have thought!
I am 4 hours early to the airport! Mother would be so proud!
I have left my house and in the taxi on the way to Don Mueang Airport. My least favourite airport because before it has taken 3 hours to get there! My flight isn't until 11.30am, however, I want to make sure I don't get stuck in the horrible traffic. Fingers crossed!