Australia · 6 Days · 123 Moments · September 2016

Kerryn and Michael's trip to Cape York

22 September 2016

Arrived home 9.45pm...yay!!
Crossed Persian Pause Floodway!
Pictures of wounded trailer abandoned in Weipa😰😰

21 September 2016

In room now with air con on. Bit muggy outside but not unpleasant. Dad is buggered though.
Dinner...sadly Dad decided he was not hungry after we ordered and I had to eat most of it. Took the garlic bread in my purse! He is getting a vegemite sandwich tomorrow night!!
Sunset at Weipa
Albatross Resort where we are staying in Weipa. Very nice.
Dad looking momentarily happy until the trailer is mentioned
Yes we are going to Weipa after all..trailer emergency hospital visit.
Long haul crossing coming into Weipa. Lights on timer but I recall dire warnings about not crossing against lights or you would be crushed by big truck. None went past while we were stopped disappointing.
Crap road to Weipa...really crap road and that is saying something after the roads we've been on!
A view on the road to Weipa. How excitement, there haven't been many of them on the road.
Little piggies at Batavia Down Station
Making call to Weipa RACQ after wheel fell off the trailer. Can't believe I didn't take a photo!! We had to leave him on the side of the road, 18km north of Batavia Downs Station, 5km from Moreton Telegraph Station.
A sign that took Dad's fancy
The old telegraph line
Stop at Moreton Telegraph Station to enquire about Lakefield NP camping permits
Lunch at Bramwell Junction Roadhouse
Ferry ride back across the Jardine River

20 September 2016

History of Seisia and how to say it Say Sea Ya
Our Cottage
Seisia Holiday Park. Hurd along the beach. A villa and a cottage.
Downtown Bamaga
BC-3 plane that crashed in 1945 along road to Bamaga Airport
Carpark is chocka now!
Walking up over the headland instead of the easy way along the beac!!
Us having a group shot
Me at the Top...yes it was very windy and my hat was blowing off!
Dad at the Top
Waiting for our turn...people everywhere
Walking along beach up to headland
Crappy road, changing vegetation
Map to the Top
Croc Tent on the way to the top. Dad optimistically buying his souvenir ''l've been to the top" beer cooler.
Brush Turkey neighbors...walking on roof
Leaving trailer at Cottage this morning and going to the top. Poor old Jeep suffered further damage...plastic mount for number plate is now hanging off. Would just remove except it has light wired in. Dad will sort it no doubt.
View out the front. Can just see ocean through trees to the right.
Photos of cottage with our crap everywhere. Very clean. Reasonable new. Very quiet location. Fans and a/c extremely noisy.
If I hadn't sleep on ground for last two nights I may have complained that my bed was hard and lumpy. My bed was so comfy!! Went to bed at 8.00pm and I woke at 6.30am to very loud bird call outside window.

19 September 2016

Seisia boat ramp and Thursday Island Ferry terminal. There are organized tours of TI, go across on passenger ferry and then bus around TI. Pass! Big sign saying why drive back when you can go by sea (back to Cairns). Dad asked how much...$1500 for Jeep and Trailer and $200 each for us. Tempting except we'd have to stay here until Friday!!
1000km at Umgamico. Not an inspiring place, I didn't take a photo! Bamaga shortly after, equally uninspiring.
Now bitumen!!!
Worst road of trip 30km from Jardine River Ferry to Bamaga. We are actually driving beside road because it is so corrugated!
Crossing Jardine River
Next in queue
Queue for Jardine River Ferry. When we arrived went to buy ticket at servo and they were all closed for lunch 12-1pm.
Northern Bypass Road
Just passed the crossover point of OTL track. So southern bypass 1.5 hours.
Making the road pink
Pink road
Sandy back to red again
More road
Southern Bypass road to Jardine River Ferry. Lots of turns. Quite rough. Low scrub on either side. Windy.
Must be the microwave doesn't talk to us!!
Famous number plate tree
Stopped at Bramwell Junction. Diesel $2.10 a litre. Group next to us whining about price.
Road from Moreton Telegraph Station To Bramwell hasn't been to bad.
Now weird bit of bitumen!
Big tower 27km before Telegraph Road in way to Telegraph Station. No signal on either phone. Crap road just after.
Big truck wetting road just gave us a wash!!
Anthills look like little tombstones
Some scenery! Yes it is sad how exciting the slightest change in the view is to us!!
Really nice road just at turnoff to Lockhart River
Such a nice road
Mein Deviation??? Sign on road??
Lovely bitumen road in middle of fucking nowhere!
Cows on the road
Ready to go
Morning view

18 September 2016

Not having any service is totally weird.
Really annoying tosser yelling neighbors continued to amaze by playing doof doof music for the last two hours seem to have turned off now but I don't hold high hopes! Other neighbors with four ugly looking pig dogs don't seem to be able to keep dogs from barking at passersby. Could be a long night.
Camp at Archer River Roadhouse. Quite a rush of people now. Only one or two camps when we got here. Maybe twenty or more now. Newest ones with boats and kids...lots of yelling. Dad is snoring through it though, so that is good.
Our camping neighbors who were half heartedly playing badminton but are now resting like us!
Dad having a snooze after a busy day of driving on crappy roads.
The famous Archer River Roadhouse Burger....had pineapple in it...yuk! But rest was yummy.
Dusty Blue Jeep nearly lost its number plate, just hanging on by one screw. Poor old brown trailer must have felt precarious with safety chain dangling from escaped d bolt thingy.
Hive of activity here at the Archer River Roadhouse! Trucks getting Diesel, people stopping for lunch. We are setting up camp early. Bit rainy looking in sky too.
Made it to Archer River Roadhouse!!!
We wondered why the road would be windy...big rocks that's why!
Back in front now
Muddy road now. In the middle of a roadtrain of 4 big tankers going slow thru roadworks. Not far to archer River now.
Trucks ahead trying to find best path
Smoother not driving on road
Spoke too soon...more crappy road.
Worst bit of road so far between Corn and Archer River. 20kms of crappy corrugated, slippery slidey road. On bitumen now...woo hoo for Thingy sour grass regional road bitumen project...they rock!
Road to Archer River
Anthills between Coen and Archer River
Tossers passing us and creating dustarama.
Not far from Coen
Traffic Jam
Not dusty
Road north to Musgrove Roadhouse
Wide dirt road to Musgrove Roadhouse
Pit stop
Elma the emu at Hann River Roadhouse
Not one half black one half brown. One half dusty!!
Poor red dusty trees
And some smooth stuff....yay!
Oh no no more nice road
Our campsite at Laura

17 September 2016

Big mobile service
Cool looking mountain
Road to Laura
Lots of bananas
Along the road to Laura
Pit stop at Lakeland
Road to Lakeland.
Byerston Gorge
Cool view of the ranges
Didn't stop at lookout
We passed 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10 of 16 packs
Their camp at Mt Carbine.
Caution cyclists...har har
They ain't going very fast.
Finally caught up to the cyclists riding to Cooktown, just outside Mt Malloy
Mareeba Wetlands
Leaving Mareeba
Going up Kuranda Range
On the road at last