Slovakia, Austria · 6 Days · 39 Moments · December 2018

Kerry and Sophie’s adventure in Slovakia

4 January 2019

Just before heading back to the airport, the snow began to fall and we got our last photos of the lovely Slovakia. We’ve had a wonderful week and would highly recommend this country for all our friends and family to go out and explore. Thanks for being a part of our journi through Slovakia. ❤️
We arrived in another city nearby called Trnava where we climbed up the clock tower to experience panoramic views.
Here are a few more photos of the lovely churches, synagogues and castles in Nitra.
Our final day in Slovakia began with a drive to a city nearby called Nitra. We parked up, ate breakfast and then went for a walk around the city.

3 January 2019

We left Donovaly with the sun breaking through the heavy snow clous. We were hopeful that this would mean that we might actually view a sunset! We headed for Spania Dolina. The sky looking hopeful. We arrived in Spania Dolina and it snowed - alot. We trekked hopeful that at we would get a perfect snowy picture. We walked through so much fresh snow but to no avail. Then suddenly on our return to the bottom of the valley the sun began to break through. Then Kerry had an intense drive back down to Banska Bystrica.
After the ski resort, we decided to stop in a small hillside town called Spania Dolina and went for a hike in the snow. We saw these beautiful places along the way.
Here’s Kerry making a snow angel 😇
This was an unbelievable experience. The dogs were so excited to keep running that Sophie nearly got run down by them! What beautiful dogs.
I think it’s snowing!!!!!!!
Took a very snowy drive to a ski resort. We wish to partake in a lot of apres ski 🎿

2 January 2019

Sophie’s great idea: climb a mountain during a snowstorm. View was mostly of clouds but tried to get a few snaps of sunset. It took an hour as it was ridiculously slippery as the snowstorm turned everything to death-ice. It’s a miracle we survived.
We had a “guided tour” around the Old Castle where our “guide” gave us a laminated card, unlocked the doors and said ‘read the card.’ Yeah. That was it. Marvellous. Luckily, we can read and took ourselves to the exhibits. Kerry had an unfortunate incident and slipped on the ice, falling right down and cutting her hands. Oops. Bruises tomorrow. It was a lovely view from the top of the bell tower.
We’ve stopped for a spot of tea in this lovely tea shop. Time to read and relax.
We went for a walk around the New Castle which has been turned into a museum. We learned about the Turkish invasions of Slovakia and even saw some original threatening letters from the Turks tell the Slovakians to submit and surrender to them.
Woke up early today after a 12 hour sleep! We drove to a nearby hill town called Banska Stiavnica. It’s a windy drive but we arrived safely and enjoyed a healthy breakfast in the main town centre.

1 January 2019

It’s snowing! And it’s so pretty here! So Christmassy!
We have arrived in Banská Bystrica! Although it was foggy, wet drive, we now are covered in snow! It’s snowing! We walked into the main square just as the snow fell, mulled wine poured and firework show began! A wonderful New Year’s Day!
We’ve got a car and headed out in the rain and fog (fingers crossed for snow) and stumbled across this lovely little town called Piestany. Time for a coffee and plan the rest of the day.

31 December 2018

Well what a lovely new year indeed. No tickets, no queues, 1 Euro plastic glass of bubbly and lots of smiley and happy Slovakians celebrating together by the river with laser shows and fireworks. What a brilliant start to 2019! Thank you Bratislava!
Happy NewYear...nearly. Our first train has been cancelled and our second train is delayed. Let’s hope we make it back to Bratislava before midnight!!!!
We managed to grab a couple of picks of sunset from a rooftop bar that decided to close as we arrived. Never mind. Things can only get better!
We had a big disappointment when we couldn’t go up the tower to see the sunset. Plus, this lovely cathedral, St Stephens, was covered in scaffolding. Never mind. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful architecture in Vienna.
After the opera house, we ran to see the Hunderwasserhaus. It was bizarre but lovely colours.
Here are some more photos from inside and outside the opera house.
We went on a guided tour around the Opera house. It was beautiful. 80% of it was destroyed by bombs at the end of WWII. It was reconstructed which took 8 years, just as long as the original building did in the late 1800s. We went backstage as well which was an unexpected treat!
We strolled upon this beautiful palace wing. Initially, we believed this to be the opera house until we realised it was closed off and that the opera house is about 5 minutes further down the road. Whoops.
After a short, hot bus ride (the top was covered and acted like a green house in the sun) we went for a little walk. We saw some interesting marathon costumes and now we’ve settled in Cafe Mozart for a spot of expensive lunch.
Arrived in Vienna after being thrown off the train somewhere randomly on the outskirts, left to try and navigate the tube system and then told the trams aren’t running due to there being a marathon today. Excellent planning as always.

30 December 2018

A sample of the different Slovakian food and drink we've sampled in one day - the cake didn't last long enough to be photographed! It's all been delicious thanks to some excellent recommendations!
Bratislava by night time. Despite the rain, it’s a lovely city!
We took a soggy walk to look at the beautiful Blue Church. It was closed but we managed to take some lovely snaps.
We had some fun taking photos with beautiful city views and St Martin’s cathedral tower in the background.
The castle in the old part of the city called Bratislava Castle! It was first built during the Stone Age.
The bridge that joins the old part of the city to the new.
Some more beautiful sights as we walk around the old town centre.
You can't ever go wrong with avocado and poached eggs for breakfast. Not a bad location for it either!
Good morning from Bratislava! On our hunt to find breakfast, we managed to have a look around the old town. It’s so pretty!

29 December 2018

Went for a late night snack and glass of vino tinto after a long day of travelling. We are planning an exciting few days around the city tomorrow so time for an early night!
Finally arrived in Slovakia! Our taxi was ready for us when we landed and he was quite a character. Our favourite quote of the taxi ride: "Why are you in Slovakia? Slovakia is sh*&." Well. What do you respond to that? Let’s just say our expectations of this trip have dramatically lowered. Hopefully now everything will be surprisingly lovely!