North America, Europe · 20 Days · 19 Moments · June 2017

Keri's adventure in Bermuda

6 July 2017

....what a way to finish out our week first R&B concert with Neyo and fireworks ....😊

25 June 2017

Until next time ....💋
Kristian was determine to go fishing and I was impress with creative fishing thingy....standing on the worlds smallest drawbridge on route to the America's Cup event

23 June 2017

Cooper's Island beach 😍
Skip trying to view the marsh and go straight to the beach! Exquisite beaches .... my favorite .... Even the treacherous cactus could contributes a beautiful flower ❤️

22 June 2017

More of the day's beaches....Horseshoe beach was still pretty crowded so we passed on through to this swimming cove on the other side.....
Hiking from beach to beach. Warwick Beach had the pinkest sand but the roughest waves...he stayed out of the water. There were lots of swimming coves to enjoy. Mom! There are those parrot fish!!! Can you see??!!!
Not thrill about the lighthouse stop but smiles for bravery 😊
Rainbow quotes on the way to lunch. Nikia insisted on taking us to this Indian spot....the food was delicious!!!! Kristian enjoyed it but not how extra friendly the waiter was...I wanted a pic of the menu and he thought it would be best captured this way.
While the kids slept I went for a stroll around Hamilton....I returned around 1020am thinking the kids maybe wondering where I was.....pfff...those little suckers were still sleep 😱

20 June 2017

Crystal and Fantasy Caves
Nikia returned from Barbados with lots of edible treats and still insisted on taking us out for dinner. First stop - delicious sushi! 😋 Next morning it was time to hit the beach! The kids enjoyed elbow beach despite Jaden suffering a sting and Kristian cutting his foot on some rocks he swam out to and tried to climb..... But no beach trip is never completed unless Kristian is beneath the sand 😘 The kids were exhausted after the hike from the beach to the bus stop and was glad to relax back at Nikia's cozy apartment
We started some mornings with Yoga before heading to the bus station. The caves were cool- If you had to choose one - Crystal cave would be it... That piece of limestone was a bit heavy weighing about 25lbs.... How painful it is for Kristian to take pics with his mom and brother ....😂😂

19 June 2017

Enjoying shades of blue, teal and aquamarine everywhere....the kids loved the calamari at Frog and Onions in the Dockyard. On reflection, I don't think these guys were with Oracle Team USA after all 😂😂 we were all just caught up in some unnatural high lmbao but they did offer treats to the kids .....😜
On FacebookI checked in my location in Bermuda and low and behold received a message from an old Foundation classmate - Julia Ward!! She was there for an interview. It was such a pleasure running into her and her friend Toni who took us on a mini tour around the island. Stunning views are to be captured around the island. Kristian was loving Toni's Bajan accent.

18 June 2017

We decided to check out Pan in the park a small walk away. It was cool but the kids were more interested in hanging back at the apartment. After a couple days traveling they wanted to relax. There were trees producing petunia-like flowers! Steel pan musician sorry no rental cars this trip- not allowed in Bermuda
The plane ride was awesome!!! Glimpses of land! Our resting spot for the week!! It's super cozy!
Hanging with their grandmother and cousins!

16 June 2017

Our Trip began right after work in a trusted red corolla rental for our 8hr drive to NY! Yea- no! I didn't complete the drive in one go but instead stopped in DC at my girl Berta for the night. The Drive up was nerve-wrecking due to the heavy burst of rainclouds that threaten to take all visibility away, and witnessing an overturn pickup truck in the south bound lanes. The kids prayed for the passengers while some amazing people dashed over to truck removing the driver in seconds! At noon we made it to my uncle's where the boys got to hang with their grandmother and cousins for a few hrs! Jaden even got to have juniors cheese cake 🍰 Now we have boarded and waiting to take off!!