Germany, Switzerland · 384 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Switzerland through the eyes of a Swiss

13 June 2018

The old bridge in Olten. Fun fact: The bridge was burnt down completely in 1797 during the French occupation. Not by the French but by the military of Bern who wanted to make the bridge useless which in turn made the people of Olten very angry. And as a reaction to that they welcomed the French.
Making the evening a bit more beautiful. 😎 Very nice

7 June 2018

This is how typically some ways are decorated near to houses and churches.

18 July 2017

What do yo do if you just have missed your train by roughly 30 seconds and you're sweaty as hell? Enjoy a delicious maple walnut ice at the main station in Zurich. 😎🤠

8 June 2017

Wankdorf Headquarter SBB, view from the terrace

27 May 2017

Seen from Romanshorn

26 May 2017

Basel main station and the electronic rail system and infrastructure. Typically you are going to find graffitis painted alongside the road.