Switzerland, Kenya · 10 Days · 11 Moments · February 2017

Kenya: Mara Safari & Lamu Wedding

26 February 2017

The man himself!

25 February 2017

WEDDING DAY!! SCROLL THRU THE PICS ATTACHED! Short ceremony followed by an extremely original idea of getting all the guests onto a fleet of classical lamu-style sailboats, having sundowners while cruising through the mangroves around the island! Spectacular scenery & beautiful memories captured Mabrook #FOUAIMEE

24 February 2017

Some wake action with Hibz Obviously, it was me who taught her that trick 😁
Finally arrived @ Lamu island Staying at the rooftop of this stunning stone-built House where there is always a breeze & a view!

21 February 2017

Very bad bad bad week of Journi updates really sorry for the lack of posts! Here's a 5am sun rise shot from the tent @ Naboisho Camp!

19 February 2017

Home Sweet Home. Karibu / welcome to Naboisho Camp! Only a 45 min flight from Nairobi in a bush plane & here we are! The "taxi" from the airstrip to camp was already a hit safari in itself, spotting: - An aerial attack of 5 plovers on a Kestrel who was hunting for their chicks - Babies of lots of antelopes: wildebeest, thom gazelles, topi! & a baby Zebra! - Juvenile Male Elephant who was extremely "excited" - 5 Cheetahs chilling in the bush - a mom & 4 cubs! - Mating pair of Ostriches - scaredy warthogs - Mating colorful lizards doing pushups - & my favorite spotting of all - the Rhino Beetle! One of the Small 5 of Africa! All this & we didn't even start the safari !!!! Met another couple at camp who brought with them a trap camera. They set it up last night and got Cerval photos!!! I am so buying that camera! So sad i forgot to bring my drone....

18 February 2017

JAMBO! Touchdown Kenya! First advertising i see and it is spot on! Fridges need to remain cool after black outs.. this will work really well in Lebanon!!! Ra7 el kahraba!!!
It started with a "hi"
Landed in extremely foggy Zurich.. will we make it out to Nairobi on time or will there be delays? Stay tuned for our next episode. Thanks for watching.

16 February 2017

48 hours to go before we take off to our favorite continent on this Earth & Audrey gets sick.... great start!!!!!