North America, Asia · 8 Days · 30 Moments · June 2017

Dubai & Abu Dhabi June 17

18 June 2017

Maninat Jumeirah souk shops. Kite beach

17 June 2017

Cheese cake factory at the Emerites Mall including Ski Dubai
Burj Al Arab Atlantis aquaventure on Palm Island water park day Best lazy river ever. Multiple slides. Super hot flag stone. Didn't forget flip flops the second time out of the lazy river.
Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek 26th floor

16 June 2017

Dubai marina Jumeirah Beach walk
Church in Dubai

15 June 2017

Burj Khalifa. Tallest building in the world. Observation on the 124 floor. Elevator ride up in less than one minute. Dubai Mall. 1400 stores
Hot day. Visited old Dubai. Souks (market) for spices, textiles and gold. Took an old school water taxi called Abra for about 30 cents.

14 June 2017

Dinner in the hotel.
Grand Hyatt Dubai
Sheikh Zayed mosque. Taxi tour of Adu Dhabi. Hyatt Capital Gate
Morning beach time. Calm gulf water. Temperature like a warm bath. Abu Dhabi

13 June 2017

Late lunch at hotel. Butter chicken. Penne pasta. Club sandwich.
Pool and beach. Walking into a postcard. Ocean water very warm. Jumped in waves
Waking before sunrise

12 June 2017

Sheikh Shack. Tried to eat at the mall a little after 4. No food available until sundown 7:11p pretty hungry by the time we could order. This is Ramadan.
Tried to see Emirates Palace but got turned away as they are observing Ramadan. Went to Marina mall was able to take pictures of the new Grand Hyatt going in.
Persian Gulf
Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Marina and pool
Breakfast at Park Hyatt Dubai. 3 people $108 with a 25% discount. Lots of choice.
86 F 6:45 am. Looking over the Marina. Feels a little mugging. Birds chirpping
Now this is a welcome!
Smooth arrival and love the glamorous airport.
15 hour flight. Polar route. Watched Jack Reacher. Part of Gold and the beginning of Hidden Figures. AirBus 380. Two middle seats in center 4 configuration. Seats 50 E,F. Chad 12 rows back 62B middle seat on side 3 seat configuration

11 June 2017

Night shots
Park Hyatt Dubai
Uber to Park Hyatt. $57.33. Aed. Lexus ES
We're on our way😊