North America · 6 Days · 40 Moments · May 2018

FL Adventures | May 09-14

14 May 2018

Florida- We will miss you and our family!
Day 6: Last picture at Cracker Barrel
Day 6: Cracker Barrel before taking off to PR

13 May 2018

Day 5: Don Julio round 2 Photo 1: Christian, Evy, Nancy, Mom, Lee, me, Jessie, Lourdes
Day 5: Flea market
Day 5: Leaving Meson and on our way to shop!
Day 5: Meson

12 May 2018

Day 4: La Fondita de Leo Cannot get enough of mofongo!🤩
Day 4: Familia at La Fondita de Leo Cousin Edgar, titi Evy, me, Mom, titi Nancy
Day 4: Dinner time! La fondita de leo
Day 4: Treasure Island
Day 4: Love bugs are a nightmare 😣 Mating season May & September
Day 4: Siesta Beach
Day 4: Rainy day! On our way to Siesta Beach

11 May 2018

Day 3: Don Julio #4
Day 3: Don Julio last night with fam Titi Lourdes, titi Evy, cousin Lee, titi Nancy, Me, Mom And Titi Evy and cousin Lee in 2nd pic
Day 3: Don Julio Tamarindo Margarita
Day 3: Don Julio Paradise Margarita
Day 3: Lourdes & Nevaeh Saying our goodbyes
Day 3: Why did the turtle cross the road
Day 3: Familia
Day 3: Lelo's More Mofongo baby🤩🤩
Day 3: Blue Spring State Park These trees are gorge
Day 3: Blue Spring State Park Cousin Yesbet, Baby Naliah, Mom, titi Nancy, titi Lourdes, me
Day 3: Blue Spring State Park

10 May 2018

Day 2: Coconuts on the beach Crab sandwhich and Pain in the Ass
Day 2: Coconuts on the Beach! Me, Titi Nancy, Titi Lourdes, Mom
Day 2: Sunset
Day 2: Canova Park
Day 2: Treasure Shores Park My legs better be tan by the end of this trip 😬
Day 2: Meson Sandwhiches! Minnesota Feast

9 May 2018

Day 1: Fonda Criollito- Mofongo Baby😍😍
Day 1: Palm Coast- C Section
Day 1: House Hunting - Bryce look at the Bryce floor plan!😄
Day 1: Jungle Hut Park
Day 1: Entrance to my stay
Day 1: Cracker Barrel
Day 1: Cracker Barrel-First stop in Orlando!

8 May 2018

Delta Airline- Taking off
Shake Shake! Mmmm