United States of America · 7 Days · 19 Moments · September 2017

Kelsey's journi of Hurricane Irma

12 September 2017

The traffic trying to get back into florida after #hurricaneirma
Only had minor roof damage to the house and minor flooding. Very lucky!

11 September 2017

#hurricaneirma Whats wild is I've never seen flooding like this in this area! And I have never seen our pastures flood like this in the 20 years we have had the farm. Flooding has never been an issue! We have a pond that's been dry for 15 years because a sink hole opened up under it, and that pond is now completely full. Crazy! I want to get a kayak and boat around our brand new lake haha.
Lots of trees down from Irma, took us 4 hours to cut our way off the property to the main road.
I wish Journi let me do videos. Here is a still frame from a video. The wind is laying the plants completely flat.

10 September 2017

We have minor flooding in the house 🙄
Winds are picking up and I hear a lot of branches hitting the house during harder gusts. One branch hit the plywood on my bedroom window. Glad there is plywood there!
It's coming straight for us now.
This is why our power is out, power lines all over the ground too.
We just lost power. Going to stay off cellphone to conserve battery. I will update with any significant changes. Just the outer bands hitting us now. Nothing too bad. Just like and average storm for now. Here we go #HurricaneIrma
Horses are tucked away inside the barn.

8 September 2017

Boarded up the house today and got rid of all the branches on the ground so they won't become flying debris.
Long lines for gas creating traffic jams. We were the one of the last cars to get gas before they ran out.
Critter creatures part 2. I love finding these guys when I work! Especially tree frogs! I have a soft spot for frogs!
Supplies are running low, plywood shelves are just about empty.

7 September 2017

Projected to come up right in the middle of the state
Getting the barn ready for the hurricane and found a bunch of cute little critters

6 September 2017

Everyone is trying to get out and we are the ones coming in 😂