United States of America · 2 Days · 7 Moments · March 2017

A Weekend in Washington D.C.

26 March 2017

First Ever Ethiopian Experience at Chercher I found this place in the Michelin guide and decided to give it a try. Wow was it an interesting experience. It was basically meat, cheese, collards and spice that you eat with the bread-no silverware! We made the mistake of not ordering vegetable to also go with the meat. We were unaware that was how you should do it until we heard others close by ordering
Dinner at Roses Luxury This restaurant was recently awarded a Michelin star and seemed to be the hot spot in town so I HAD to check it out! People will wait around 2:30pm for their 5:00pm opening so with a little research, we found we could hire someone with the app TaskRabbit to wait in line for us-I mean we couldn't waste what precious time we had in DC! The food was amazing and we even got to sit at chefs table which was a wonderful experience for me. I highly recommend the pork + lychee and the foie gras tarts!
Boozy Milkshakes at Satellite Room I read an article called "where to find boozy milkshakes in DC" and I knew I had to try one! We were having drinks one night at the Hamilton (very nice place!) but decided the ones at Satellite looked better, so Sunday afternoon we made the mile and a half hike to try them. Definitely worth it!! We got Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Fruity Pebbles flavors and I think we had them gone within two minutes ;)

25 March 2017

Potomac Boat Tour This tour was great to see everything from a different perspective- on the river! It was also pretty informative. The best part is that we chose to do the 1 way route and we're able to see both Georgetown and Alexandria as well. Both cities were very cute and worth the stop. We even had beers at Gatsbys Tavern-where George Washington and John Adams once did!
Food Trucks, Food Trucks, Food Trucks! The streets are just lined with food trucks (which I happen to love!) don't miss the opportunity to grab a bite of street food during all the walking. We opted for gyros which were, as expected, amazing. There was also a Persian and Afghan truck that looked very appealing but we unfortunately did not have time to make it to them.
Cherry Blossoms by the Tidal Basin We couldn't have gotten luckier being in DC during peak bloom! Usually they do not reach peak until April, but an unusually early spurt of warm weather allowed us to see the beautiful blossoms!
A day spent walking to monuments There is so much to see I'm D.C.! We covered so much ground just on Saturday-about 10 miles. It was well worth it for everything we got to see, and a little exercise doesn't hurt ;) most museums are free too, which is another bonus! I personally loved the Library of Congress-the architecture inside was beautiful. We would have loved to have done a White House tour, but they were already sold out when I checked two months in advance.