Cuba · 4 Days · 10 Moments · November 2017

My heart is in Havana

10 November 2017

Daiquiris at Flordita Super touristy but it's something you have to do! The creation location of the daiquiri. Never have had a white one before (always strawberry) but it was very good! Bar was pretty crowded so we just had the one drink

8 November 2017

Hotel Saratoga Go to the roof for a great view of Havana!!
Drinks at 304 O'Reilly I originally wanted to eat here because the food looked AMAZING. However, we were still so full from our cooking class we could only get drinks. The drinks were so awesome. Also the salsa is homemade by the owner and it is some of the best I've ever had (think mango habanero) so I can only imagine what the food is like!
Havana Club Rum Tour Very informative tour. Offered in different languages. Just stop in and they will let you know what time the tour will begin in your language. Rum bar inside for while you wait. Finished with a rum sample. The rum is very good & smooth-we brought 4 bottles home! It is very inexpensive as well.
Coco Taxi Just a fun and inexpensive way to get around Havana! Another touristy thing but I had to do it 😁
Cooking Class at Ajiaco Cafe This was my favorite experience by far!! We started with going to a local farm (2 brothers who basically turned their yard into a giant garden) which supplies the restaurant with their herbs, sources, etc. After we went back in to the kitchen and learned about a few typical Cuban dishes: ajiaco (root vegetable soup), ropa veija (shredded beef) and lobster & shrimp enchilado. This was finished with a (delicious!) mojito lesson. We were then served all the food we made (and then some!) It was so delicious. We finished with a small coffee and then rum shots & cigars. Everyone was so hospitable, we had the best time!
Walk on Playa Del Estes We wanted to do a short walk on the beach in the mornings and this was the closest to Havana. It wasn't very clean but the water was still nice and we found a ton of sea glass. Head to Varadero for the nicer beaches!

7 November 2017

Tropicana Show Full of tourists, but we still found this to be a great show with lots of talent. Everything from the singing to the music is done live. When you walk in, men get cigars and women get flowers. You also get champagne, a bottle of rum, and a few cokes along with a small snack. Have dinner elsewhere beforehand.
Dinner at El Canonazo We were taken here for dinner during our classic car tour. It seems like it is where they take all of the tourists. However it was a cute place and the food was good. We had a very interesting appetizer of fried plantain, ham, cheese & tomato sauce. The live music was also a very nice touch!
Classic Car Tour A must do! We rode in a hot pink '55 Chevy Impala. We made stops for pictures and at monuments to hear more about them. We were also able to make a stop at a restaurant. Be sure to book this online beforehand, it will save so much money versus finding someone on the street. However, you can bargain for the price. I wouldn't pay more than 100 CUC for 2 hours.