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McKee family vacation 2017

10 September 2017

17 July 2017

There to the right of the closer trees was our first bear sighting 🤣 Not close but he was rolling in the tall grass
This lodge was just beautiful! It was like a Swiss chalet!
Many glacier!
We ate a huge lunch at johnsons.... what a great local find! Yummy pie
I saw my purple mountain majesty today! Been singing that all day
This is picture of burnt trees and all the new growth around them. New beginnings!
This is the many glacier lodge today... I hope to stay there some day! Jack needed to close his eyes for a bit He sure is a rock star driver!
We finally got to logans pass... the glaciers are amazingly can walk to the snow. Ridge My wheels got me places I never thought I get to again! We saw a mt goat, two fox, cattle,and a grizzly bear today... BOOM
This was about half way
This waterfall came right out of the mountain
We are going up there ☹️
On our way to gods gift of beauty to us!! We went to east glacier on the road to the sun😝 A bit scary of a drive with a huge wow factor!

16 July 2017

Cheers to Montana beauty
The lodge at lake McDonald was beautiful!
Every year they count the glaciers This year they found a new one
We cruised lake McDonald today..... we both got sleepy on the ride. It learned a lot about the park
We were driving and heard this waterfall.... found beautiful spot
This park has so many pretty spots
We went on the trail of the cedars today. The smell was wonderful. We came upon a sweet waterfall!

15 July 2017

We went hours without seeing any towns! We are on our way to whitefish mt

14 July 2017

After dinner with Nana, Papa, Browns and Maine McKees we decided to go for one last sunrise wildlife search. So glad we did. Because we played chicken with a Bison, saw a huge hurd of 50-60 Bison, some Elk and some awesome flying Pelicans. Then as the sun was away and it was dark we almost hit two adult Bison and it's calf as the were walking down the middle of the road. They're pretty hard to spot in the dark.
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone was a beautiful place to see. So large and powerful.
Lower Geyser Basin, Fountain Paint Pot area. Another great spot to see the geysers. Mud Volcano and Jet Geyser were going nonstop. Bison was just roaming around this spot.
Next Yellowstone stop was Midway Geyser Basin to see the Grand Prismatic Spring. Might be the most beautiful place we have seen so far. "Grand" does not do it justice.
First stop in Yellowstone was Old Faithful. It was right on the predicted time. Lots of people enjoying the show and it did not disappoint.
Zander found matching cups for papa and him for coffee🎈
Today was just a relaxing day around the ranch. Lots of games, cornhole, bumper pool and huge games of pass the pen and liars dice. Some played in the river and others played around the house.

13 July 2017

Wendy shared her travel plans.... you can tell she is a teacher
A few of us went horse riding this morning at Harriman State Park in Idaho. Great horses and great ride through the woods, around Silver Lake and Golden Lake. This is what Ryan and Carter had planned to do and I'm happy they drug us parents along.

12 July 2017

While some of the family stayed at Teton Village the others went to Phelps Lake to do some cliff diving. Super happy that Eric felt confident enough to do this with his bigger cousins. It sounded like they had to brave the bears on the trail in order to get to this beautiful place.
Dinner with all 21 in Jackson hole. Super cool!
Fun day in Teton Village today!
We finally saw our moose last night. Actually we saw TWO together. One with a huge rack. Pictures coming.
Trumps wall Fun camper time Photo opt!
11 grandchildren on top of the mountain and us happy it happened.

11 July 2017

Last night we had a campfire. The kids had fun making their roasting sticks and then enjoying some smores.
Theses are some random shots from my phone
Messa falls
Lower Falls
Went to the Mesa Falls Upper and Lower trails this morning. Great place for Nana to hike with us too.
This is what the week is about! He sure loves to snuggle his Nana.
Jacquelyn talking to Alex. Our 4 kids on the deck starting the day.
Eric and Zachary were not thirsty after this ride.
Eric getting wild and riding the bull. Rachel, Sammie and Becca did the same in their boat too. Scott Prior could not let the boat of 20 year olds show him up and decided to balance on the front of the boat while our captain Nate spins the boat. Got the record by the way!
Rachel was victim of a fatherly attack (she looked to dry). Jacquelyn must have forgotten the GoPro was on while making fun of her Uncle.
White water rafting on the Snake River was so much fun. 12 of the McKees/Prior's/Browns got a little wet. Both by choice and by accident. GoPro pics are the best! Our guide said that the river was the 3rd highest for July in the last 64 years.

10 July 2017

When the girls go on an ATV ride they come back with flowers.
Cousin hot tub PARTY! In a few years we will all wish it was a time machine.
The fun never ends with this family. The bears should hear us coming in this ATV. Watch out for that ROCK!
This was way more fun than I thought!
Headed to Bear World with the "little cousins" for great showing of bears and more. Stopped and geocashing with uncle ken
I wanted to keep posting this week so I left my phone on the dry bus. But this is the Snake River that we went down. Cousins had fun on the bus ride.
When you take the back roads you get some of the best views. On our way through the Grand Tetons to Jackson Hole for some white water rafting.

9 July 2017

The late night die hards. Just open the box and people will come.
When you have a big splinter and your lucky enough to have a room full of surgeons.
Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe Rosenbergs, H-Bomb, Sugar Ray, Panmunjom Brando, The King And I, and The Catcher In The Rye Eisenhower, Vaccine, England's got a new queen Marciano, Liberace, Santayana goodbye We didn't start the fire It was always burning since the world's been turning We didn't start the fire No, we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it
Eat all of your dinner and you get some special Papa Jello. Yum Yum!
This big kids cleaning up and doing dishes after dinner tonight. Thanks big kids!
Look who came to visit our house tonight. Wiley!
Jacquelyn thought she was going to peacefully FaceTime her friend. Until the favorite uncle and the rest of cousins had to say hello also.
Scott Prior caught a very large Rainbow Trout today in the lake. I tried to throw him back but he just did not make it. Thanks Uncle Ken for getting him prepped and cooked for dinner. He was so big that he fed the whole family.
Terrific so far. No rain forecast for 10 days and upper 80's. White water rafting tomorrow. Hike today. Phase 10 and other games now. Birthdays coming.
And some more hiking pics
More Hiking pics
First journey this morning was a big kid/adult hike to Cascade Creek. This trail goes into Yellowstone territory. Great hike along the river with many waterfalls.
Wow. Such a fun house.

8 July 2017

Gibbons falls was beautiful
Came upon a small hot spring
The buffalo was HUGE! So exciting
Welcome to yellow stone
Look at the sky 🌌... wow
Big sky is beautiful!
Carter and I did some mining this morning.... we had a blast!
Awake at 5:15. Finally got up as sun started to come over the mountain. 6:15 and even Starbucks is not open. Today is meandering to the ranch, maybe thru Yellowstone.
I love this man I married 50 yrs ago

7 July 2017

A sneak peak into scotts family day at big sky
Well our gps took us WAY out of our way.... 1 1/2 hrs!!! 😱good thing it's pretty
We are in Montana!
We made it to Denver. Suffering thru United club with free food and drinks (bar). Helen is happy with 3 hour layover. Bozeman at 5:00 and then to bid Sky.
This is the way to fly! We have a 3 hr layaway and club passes
Even after 50 years I get so surprised when we get dressed matchie matchie
Nana and Papa are on their way today! We are excited to start family week because my family is enjoying our road trip and all the different locations but ask every day about when we will see our cousins. They really are looking forward the cousins more than anything.

9 June 2017

I'm super excited!!! Dad and I have wanted to make this trip with so many of you and now our dream is coming true! Thank you❣️
Getting excited and nervous about driving across the country with the family. I'm afraid I will not want to return.

6 June 2017

https://vimeo.com/217741835 Check out this video todd found