Europe, Asia · 24 Days · 28 Moments · January 2018

Kelly and Anton explore Europe

18 February 2018

We were up early (5am) and out the door by 6 (with a coffee in hand, thank god). Our lovely airbnb host Simone offered us a lift to the airport, so of course we accepted! That made our first leg of our long journey home stress free. After getting through check in and bag checks we had a sneaky stop in duty free before heading to the gates. The next 6 hours were filled with three screaming babies, a delish breakfast and minimal sleep. We got off at Doha and are currently enjoying some dinner at a restaurant in the airport. Can’t wait to get the next 13 1/2 hours over with ☀️☀️
After a lovely breakfast of coffee, croissants and rolls with jams supplied to us by our Airbnb host Simone, we jumped on the long train ride into the Milan Central Station. After coffee at Orsonero and some browsing of wares, we grabbed some lasagne for lunch before jumping on the train to San Siro Stadium where we got tickets for the museum and stadium tour. We got back on the metro to Duomo to see the Cathedral there, and it was absolutely packed due to Chinese New Year and Carnival, so we went back to central then on to Ferno. We went straight to dinner at a local place ‘Osteria San Martino’ that specialise in woodfried pizza. After a delicious white chocolate and passion fruit cake thing, we headed back to the house to pack for our long journey home tomorrow morning.

16 February 2018

Today has been, of course, another busy day! After some cereal and juice, we cleaned up the apartment and got picked up by our host to go to the airport. After checking our bags in I grabbed a great pretzel and a terrible coffee before boarding the shortest flight ever (1hr 20mins). Once in Milan, we jumped on a non stop bus to Milan central station where I had one of he best Lasagnes I’ve ever eaten (sorry mum❤️). Once figuring out which train we had to get on, we validated our tickets and got a train to Ferno. 50 minutes later, we got picked up by Simone and she showed us all the local restaurants before taking us to her home and introducing us to her 1 year old Golden Retriever Tom. We are now relaxing before heading out for a late dinner.

15 February 2018

Today was a big day of walking! After cereal and juice in the apartment, we walked down a lovely street and grabbed a coffee at ‘Mantra Specialty Coffee’ where Anton had one of the best coffees he’s ever had. Next, we went back over the bridge to Buda to explore Fisherman’s Bastion, which we didn’t realise we were actually at yesterday 😂 we then travelled back over the bridge and took photos of the beautiful parliament building! Then, we jumped on a metro back to the centre of Pest and entered the Terror House. By then we were pooped so we came back to the Airbnb for some relaxation before heading out to dinner at the Oktogon. We grabbed some dessert on the way home, and now, we get ready for Milan.

14 February 2018

Valentines Days dins 💖🍔🍟
Today has been a busy, snowy day! After some cereal in the apartment, we headed out for a coffee at Embassy Espresso Bar. After coffee, we headed over the chain bridge to Buda! We took a funicular to the top, where Buda Castle sits. There, we saw some amazing views and even headed down into the Labyrinths underneath the hill. We headed back done and over the bridge to Pest for lunch at a classic Hungarian Restaurant where I got to enjoy beef stew with egg barley and some mulled wine. Next, we explored down a Main Street of Pest and ended up in Hero’s square where we saw the outdoor ice rink where we will hopefully go ice skating tomorrow! After jumping on a train back to our Airbnb, we grabbed some snacks to defrost and snack before dinner at a local burger place that our Airbnb host recommended!

13 February 2018

For a long travel day, we actually got a few things in! After a yum coffee from Ema Espresso Bar, we got another sneaky Trdelnik snack from a local vendor for before heading back to the Airbnb to get our bags ready for our international train journey! After a 7 hour train ride we finally got to Budapest and it was covered in snow! This place is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to explore in the days to come ❄️

12 February 2018

Last night in Prague was perfect! Containing cheap cocktails, Beef Goulash and Apple Strudel. The perfect end to a perfect three days ❄️
Today was such an amazing, busy, snow filled day!!! After a great coffee at ‘La Boheme Cafe’ we went for a tram ride then a stroll to the old Prague square. It started snowing which was amazing, and we had lunch with a view of snow and old buildings. I got a sneaky Trdelnik as we walked over the Charles Bridge towards the Prague Castle. We luckily got tickets to go up all 285 steps of the south tower and the view is as spectacular! After a warming chai latte, we grabbed a tram back to the Airbnb!

11 February 2018

Today was a lovely, busy busy day!! After some toast and grapes in our apartment, we went searching for a coffee shop which was delish! Then, it was a day of exploration! We had a great lunch at the old town square, a cup of hot wine and we found some local sweet pastry filled with warm chocolate. We did a lot of walking around the small cobble stone streets, finding lots of cute buildings and areas. Somehow, we found the Charles Bridge which was amazing and we saw some amazing views of the other side of the water (which we will explore tomorrow)! If started getting windy so we walked back to the Airbnb, did some washing and relaxing before buying some groceries then finding a great place for dinner! We finished off the night with apple strudel which was 10/10, great end to the night!!!

10 February 2018

Today has been a slightly stressful day with a train that left without us, and bus that stopping going forward and some terrible sidewalks (although we did wake up to snow in Berlin)! But after all the things that didn’t quite go to plan, we got to Prague! Our apartment is lovely and we had a sneaky late lunch/ early dinner at a local Italian place that presented itself with a $8 Aperol Spritz 👌🏻 it’s been a crazy wreck of a day but it’s nice to be relaxing finally, and knowing we have a busy day of exploring tomorrow!

9 February 2018

Today was a busy day!! After some muesli and yogurt we headed to Bonanza coffee where was had a pastry and a pretty good coffee. Next we walked to the East Side Gallery which we walked all the way down. Next we jumped on a train to see Checkpoint Charlie and found the Gendarmenmarkt which was so pretty. Then, we got some lunch (bacon, egg, lettuce and avo) before jumping on a train back to the Airbnb. After doing some washing and resting for a bit, we’ll head to dinner before getting ready to set off to Prague in the morning!

8 February 2018

After a sleepy start to the day, which was definitely needed, we grabbed a cheese pretzel at the train station on the way to ‘The Barn’. This is where we found some of the best coffee we’ve had in Europe and the apple snack I ate was 10/10. After the caffeination, we walked to Alexanderplatz and got on the hop on hop off bus where we got off at the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building. After these pretty amazing sights and a classic German Schnitzel for lunch we got back on the bus to look at the rest of Berlin. We then jumped on a train back to our Airbnb! We don’t know what’s for dinner but we’re sure it’ll be delish!

7 February 2018

A 5am wake up call and a six and a half hour train journey later and we are in Berlin! After a painful walk from our Airbnb to Zaandam station and a cold wait for our international train we had a fairly eventless journey. Pancakes and coffee for breakfast (not very nutritious but oh well), and lots of my book read we made it to Berlin Central Station. After an easy trip to our Airbnb we went for a stroll and found a (late lunch). It was honestly enormous and we didn’t even order the massive bread! We picked up some fruits and snacks from a grocer before heading back to our room. Honestly, it’ll probably be apples, dried apricots and chocolate for dinner tonight because that lunch filled us up. We’re ready for an exciting day in Berlin tomorrow!

6 February 2018

Today, after a sleepy start was delightful, sunny and cold! We started off in Zaanse Schans, an adorable town full of little green houses, bridges and windmills. After a sneaky stroopwaffel we jumped on a train back into Amsterdam and got some lunch and a coffee from ‘Scandinavian Embassy’ before going to the Van Gogh Museum, which was pretty amazing. On our way from the Zaandam station we grabbed some sneaky Frites with mayo on them for our stroll to the house. It’s been a day full of adventuring and food (and a frozen lake).

5 February 2018

Today was yet another hectic day!!!! It was 3 degrees so we ended up buying more layers to keep us warm! We trained into Amsterdam Centraal and walked through the main part of the city and Jordaan to a delicious cafe ‘white label coffee’. The coffee and the pie made the walk completely worth it, not to mention the views along the way. After getting a bus back to the centre and some lunch (soup for me to warm my belly up), we looked at some wares and tasted some cheese before going into the red might district in search for the oldest surviving building which is from 1317 (we found it). We got a Dutch pancake and strolled around looking for the medieval centre before grabbing an early dinner and jumping back on the train to Zaandam. We know for tomorrow to layer up even more than we did today! It was a pretty amazing day ❄️

3 February 2018

Last night was our final night in Barcelona, and we went out with a bang with a delicious meal in the Gothic Quarter. Tapas upon tapas with a cocktail and then an eclair to finish the night. God knows I’ve put on a couple of pounds since flying into Europe! Tomorrow, off to Amsterdam!
We did so much walking today our bodies hurt. After a delish breakfast we went looking for a park we didn’t end up going to but did see an amazing view from the top of bunkers used in the Spanish Civil War. After we walked for 2 1/2 hours we finally found a metro station and headed into the city where we had a coffee and some tapas for lunch. After we found some delish churros and another cathedral we strolled around las Ramblas before jumping on a metro back to our Airbnb for a siesta before dinner later!

2 February 2018

Dinner tonight was at the local place ‘La Esquinica’. This cute tapas restaurant graced us with potatas bravicas, chicken croquettes and salami and tomato on bread and two glasses of white wine (the wine came to AUD $3.06). The entire dinner, blue a bottle of water came to AUD $18.91 👌🏻 it’s been a good day
Today was a crazy full day!!!! We walked most places and I’ve clocked up over 20,000 steps before 6pm! We started at the Sagrada Família after our lovely Airbnb host Eduardo provided breakfast. We then walked past the Arc de Triomf in search of coffee. When the coffee shop we were searching for was closed for renovations, we just walked to their roasting location. After a great cup of coffee, we half walked, half trained into Las Ramblas. Here we meandered and discovered all down the street until we had a look through Mercat de la Boqueria then found tapas for lunch on Las Ramblas. After a crepe, we found the Barcelona Cathedral and discovered all the old surviving Roman walls in the Gothic Quarter. After Anton got some doughnuts and we stopped through Mercat de Santa Caterina, we jumped on the Metro back to our Airbnb. We are eating locally tonight at a tapas joint Eduardo recommended and that’s popular with the locals!

1 February 2018

Today we were up super early (5am) and made our way to Gatwick airport, curtesy of Mark, for our flight to Barcelona! Quicker than a flight to Brisbane from Melbz, it was an easy flight and got out of the airport and into a train in an easy 20mins. Once we located our Airbnb (up a bloody massive hill), we showered and got settled before heading into the city centre. After wandering aimlessly in the rain, we ended up, somehow, in a lovely restaurant in the Gothic area of Barcelona. After a massive paella and glass of sangria, we got back on the train for a well deserved early night.

31 January 2018

Today we braved the 7 degree cold and headed into London one last time. We started off on Oxford Street, perusing and purchasing goodies. We kept walking until we found the British museum where we saw wine really cool old stuff! After burgers, fries and a freak shake, we walked through soho and Piccadilly Circus whilst looking at bookstores and shaving shops. After a sneaky stop at Harrods, we dealt with train delays all the way to Liverpool Street station where we boarded yet another train back to Brentwood!

30 January 2018

After a sleep in and some crumpets we made our way to Thorndon Country Park for a hot drink and a stroll along the paths, we even found the Gruffalo! Later, we met Ken and Linda for a classic English lunch at a pub in Stock, a picturesque town 20 minutes from Brentwood. To finish up the day Anton and I braved Sainsburies which is like a mix between a high end Aldi, Dan Murpheys and Kmart.

29 January 2018

Yesterday was a whirlwind of adventuring, starting with a coffee at Monmouth and a look through Borough Market where we found hot apple juice full of spices which was delish. Then after a quick look the globe theatre, we headed back over the Thames for some lunch which we found at The Old Spitalfields Market. We found another great coffee place (Taylor St. Baristas), then made our way to Westminster! There we played tourist with the London Eye, Big Ben, Red Telephone Booths, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham palace and Trafalgar Square! All before making our way back to Brentwood for the evening!

28 January 2018

The morning started with a buffet breakfast at CitizenM, then off to Warner Brothers Studio Tour. The tour was all I could of wished for and more! The for the over 2 hour trip back with replacement busses and trains going the wrong way.

27 January 2018

The Swan bar and restaurant was delicious, then the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse was beautiful and The Globe blew me away.
Day one continues with a picturesque walk through Brentwood and a massive cappuccino which was later paired with eggs Benedict on an English muffin. We tried brown sauce, and don’t let anyone persuade you it’s anything other than BBQ sauce.
Goodmorning Brentwood ❄️