North America · 11 Days · 15 Moments · February 2017

Mission trip to Guatemala

2 March 2017

Happy to be home safe. Sad to not be in Guatemala.

1 March 2017

28 February 2017

Traveling day is never my favorite. We are presently in Ft. Lauderdale FL and it's hard to believe we were in Guatemala less than 8 hours ago. :( Cannot wait to go back!!!!
More shots of Sonia's house construction, new shirts for Ruth and Jailyn...
Today we had to do something that I don't like. We had to say some goodbyes. We won't see our friends from the tracks again for a while but we got to see some more progress on Sonia's house. Stair rail up, electrical done and tiling started!!!

27 February 2017

Went to the dump today but took most of the pics on my big camera. Just a selfie with a baby there. We served them breakfast and gave them some gloves and other supplies. Went to Antigua for some shopping after that. Oldest city in Central America!!!! Bucket List Check!

25 February 2017

Another busy day! We went "shoppa-shoppa" with some of our girls from the tracks and we had a fashion show and a dance party at the hotel when we were all done. We get to take them to breakfast in the morning and then church. It will be hard to take them home! Cole helped again at the house project and even participated in the dance party! Then all the kids played soccer in the lobby. Cole is also now addicted to orange crush. Real cane sugar! Whoop!
This is the big one 'Lizbeth!

23 February 2017

Another busy day! We got yo hold babies, jump rope and I got to teach an English lesson! Cole has been working with the men doing electrical work! He is doin his mama proud! He got to join us this afternoon at the tracks for some fun!
Good morning from Guatemala!

22 February 2017

It's Wednesday. Still. This day has been forever long but still loving every minute! Enormous hibiscus, delicious meal and encouraging devotion from Pastor Chris. Off to the tracks tomorrow!
INSIDE of our hotel
Cole did awesome going through security, both take offs and both landings and even through customs. The view from our hotel is really cool. It's not a luxurious tropical forest but we can see mountains and all of the rooftops of the homes below. Our hotel is ADORABLE- plants climbing everywhere, tiled floors and walkways, beautiful dark wood furnishings. We are lucky ducks and have a room on the top floor!!!
Simple Things. I had forgotten that "AdiĆ³s" actually means "with God" and not just "goodbye"! A lot of times you hear this as a greeting too! My mom reminded me of this while talking with our new friends Ted and Wally on our way to the airport at 3:00am!

21 February 2017

We're off! First leg of the adventure complete. Waiting impatiently at Nana's house in Midland.

20 February 2017

Clementine says she's ready. So helpful.